New Life wants to help you feel better |

New Life wants to help you feel better

Kris Kellogg knows how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. About 14 years ago she lost 120 pounds and kept it off for seven years. Then an accident struck her family and she gained it all back over a few months. Kellogg has now lost it again, and is almost at her ideal weight.

During her own personal saga she learned a lot about how the body works and the misconceptions many people have.

Kellogg, now a nutritionist, opened New Life Medical Weight Loss & Nutrition Center in Kamas last July to help others feel better and begin a new life.

That’s the goal, Kellogg said, not weight loss per se. She has many clients training for marathons or triathlons and others just seeking help with nutrition to sleep better, control stress and have more energy.

A secret to better health that many are unaware of, she said, is eating every two or three hours. Many Americans skip meals out of laziness or bad habits. They believe skipping more will lead to weight loss. Kellogg’s health plans have people eating the right foods frequently.

Getting people to eat enough, not less, during their fitness or weight loss regimen is her greatest challenge, she said.

After all, eating is never the enemy.

"Food is what we go to instead of meth, or cocaine it’s how we feel better, even for just a minute," she said.

Having the right information about nutrition helps people feel better, eliminating the need to eat as a comfort instead of to fuel metabolism, she said.

Her specialty is HCG and vitamin B injections. Many people are confused about HCG a product that promises to burn stored body fat and there’s a lot of fraud going on, Kellogg said. Before spending more than $100 on a bottle of HCG drops, she encourages people to put a little on a pregnancy test stick. Even trace amounts should produce a positive result on a stick.

A low-calorie diet usually accompanies HCG use, so people often lose weight while using faulty products. The gains are temporary, however. Kellogg said the true benefit of HCG is helping the body adjust to a lower weight as its "normal." One must maintain a weight for three to five years before the body accepts it as "normal," she said. That’s why it’s easy to be on a gain and loss roller coaster, she said.

Proper use of HCG can help the body burn up to 30 pounds in as few as 30 days and stay at that new weight, she explained.

"I love it when people have to punch more holes in their belt, that’s what I’m all about," she said.

Vitamin B aids the body in many functions vital to weight loss, but in other areas as well. When a new client comes to her, she starts with the vitamin injections. They’ll feel better quickly, and will have more motivation to follow other parts of the program, including exercise, she said.

Kellogg doesn’t need people to sign a contract or pre-pay for multiple sessions. She isn’t interested in selling food plans or fitness equipment. At New Life, clients are counseled with good, scientific information and given nutritional injections to help them feel better fast while they work toward long-term goals, she explained.

New Life does sell goods, but Kellogg said she only stocks products that have helped her. They aren’t part of any plan, but can be useful supplements if people forget to make healthy food for themselves.

Friend Amy Yost said she was skeptical about New Life’s offerings, but she has lost 35 pounds herself and her husband lost 50. He no longer needs blood pressure and diabetes medication.

Client Janene Halls said she gets vitamin B injections to boost her energy levels. Halls said she has more energy at her job and with her grandchildren and sleeps better.

New Life Medical Weight Loss & Nutrition Center

228 West 200 South, Kamas


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