New printers boast decades of experience |

New printers boast decades of experience


Mountainside Printing and Marketing has been open just a few months but has already grown out of one location.

It started in Holiday Village near the movie theaters but quickly received more jobs than it could handle in that space, so moved to a retail building on Kearns Boulevard across from the cemetery.

The owner is Osiris Cabral. The shop is new, but the business is not, he explained. Cabral has been in the print business his entire career and opened the first Mountainside shop in Sandy in 2009. Despite starting in the midst of the recession, Cabral said he’s seen growth every month for almost 24 months.

Not long after, he purchased a business in South Salt Lake, and now Park City.

Cabral’s success isn’t luck. Prior to going into business for himself, he trained new franchisees on how to open a corporate print shop.

"I’ve done printing for 16 years," he said. "If I could teach others to do it, I might as well do it for myself."

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Cabral’s South Salt Lake shop does wholesale work and did business with the now-closed Copy Depot-turned-AlphaGraphics. When he heard that store in Snow Creek Plaza was closing, Cabral said he jumped at the opportunity to open in the Park City market.

"The community here is very supportive," he said.

Cabral enjoys Park City so much he has made the newest shop his home base, only visiting Sandy and South Salt Lake occasionally.

Mountainside’s recipe for success is simple, Cabral said, the staff knows their business and provides quality work.

Store manager Matt Knipple said there are several niches within the print and print-marketing industries, and they understand them all. For example, Mountainside has "green" products using recycled paper and soy-based inks.

"We have really good quality and service with a fast turnaround," Cabral added. "And people here have been awesome."

Knipple said the staff really cares about their customers. So many print shops take an order and process it no-questions-asked. Mountainside consults with clients and offers input and suggestions to make sure the client’s job will best meet their needs.

"We give our expertise; we tell them what we think looks good and they’re always happy with it," Knipple said.

On the other hand, if input is not desired, Mountainside’s new website allows clients to place orders online without ever needing to come into the shop.

But people usually want to come in, said designer and sales agent Meghan Bruijn, because they have free M&Ms.

Bruijn’s parents, the Roschs, owned Copy Depot several years ago and always offered free M&Ms.

"At our peak, we went through 36 pounds in a week," she said.

Bruijn said business has been good because of their commitment to the job.

"We’re professionals," Cabral added. "This is how we make a living and we like what we do we love what we do."

In addition to regular print jobs, Mountainside also offers entire corporate identity packages, bookbinding, embroidery, silk screening and more, Cabral said.

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