New Remax franchise lands in Park City |

New Remax franchise lands in Park City

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Remax Associates is the new real estate franchise in town. The Park City business is part of a larger franchise made up of five locations. The branch in town opened two months ago, after a slice of the local housing market and building its team.

Branch Broker Al Barbosa, who runs the team of 17 real estate agents, said he wants to see the new branch of the Salt Lake City-based franchise become a real part of the community.

"We want to be a part of Park City," Barbosa said. "We are here to stay and we want people to know who we are and what we are about."

With two locations in Salt Lake City and one in both Draper, and St. George, Remax Associates was hoping to land in the Park City area. But with another Remax franchise in the area until last year, the company was unable to enter the market. When the former Remax Mountainlands left the area, Remax Associates was quick to swoop in and buy the franchise.

"There is so much potential, with the Remax flagship to go from," Barbosa said. "We think this branch can be very successful."

"We plan on growing," he added. "We are starting small, a boutique-style business, but one day we hope to be a force in this community."

Barbosa, the branch broker in Park City, has lived and worked in the area for more than a decade. And he, like so many Parkites who came before him, made the move from the East Coast after a ski vacation. Originally from Florida, the exact opposite of a mountain lifestyle, Barbosa made an investment in a small piece of property years before he lived in town. That was where he built his home, and Park City is where he really began in career as a Realtor.

"I love this town," he said, "and a lot of people think about living here. They want to live here, and I realize I am so lucky to be able to say that I do."

Butch Dailey, broker and owner of Remax Associates, is a Utah native and started his career when there was only one real estate company working in Park City, Gump & Ayers Real Estate. He started with the company’s Salt Lake City office and from there, found his way working as a partner with Remax Associates, eventually becoming the sole owner of the franchise. As an 18-year-old, Dailey made his first investment into the market, a small condo in downtown Salt Lake City. Since then, he has purchased properties valued in the millions, including the Remax Associates Draper office valued at $1.6 million. With a few decades of experience and another branch of the franchise under his belt all in Utah, Dailey said he was glad to final have a Park City location.

"I have been coming to Park City since I was a little boy," Dailey said, "and since I took over the Remax Associates franchise, I knew I wanted to have a location in this town."

"I feel like I understand resort towns, how they work and what the clients are like," he added. "We’ve been successful in St. George and I’m ready to do the same in Park City."

Through Remax, the local franchise will be able to target buyers across the globe, from China to new York City to Europe. With that level of support, Barbosa said he was confident that Remax Associates would be able to cut out a slice of the local market, tapping into databases and get in contact with fellow franchises to promote the area and connect with homebuyers.

"This is a great community, a very unique community, and it’s one our team understands," he said. "We want to offer personalized services, something that fits this market."

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