New take-and-bake in Kamas |

New take-and-bake in Kamas


Hard times are said to breed innovation. That’s definitely true with Vickie McCluskey’s family. Her husband owns a construction business and she owned a women’s fitness center. With the economy as it is neither venture was cutting it. So what is hot? Pizza.

McCluskey’s brother is a huge fan of take-and-bake pizza, but Heber is the closest store. She noticed that food sales were actually up in Kamas. As people traveled and shopped less, they seemed to be treating themselves to restaurants more.

So last week she opened Vic’s Take-and-Bake Pizza at 54 North Main Street in Kamas. She sold 70 pizzas in her first three hours.

"I have a family. I have three kids and it’s expensive to take kids out to eat. This is affordable, convenient and easy," she said.

It was easy for her too. She happens to be related to one of the best dough makers in Summit County.

Diane Walstrom, McCluskey’s mother, loves to make bread and anything else made of dough. She’s done it her whole life and even sent a child on a trip to Russia by selling her wares to friends around town.

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The two women found some recipes they liked, bought machines to make large quantities and got to work creating pizza the community would love.

The sauces are all hand-made from scratch, McCluskey said. They even developed a garlic chicken pizza with a cream sauce that’s been their top seller.

Vic’s, named after her father, is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. most nights and an hour later on the weekends. They have an oven to offer pizza-by-the-slice during the lunch hour, but they chose to be a take-and-bake place because fast food should be fast.

"Sometimes places make you wait 45 minutes for your pizza. This is a spur-of-the-moment place. Walk in and in less than five minutes you’ll have a fresh pizza and you can cook it when it’s convenient for you," she said.

Many families are calling in their orders so there’s no wait at all. There’s no toe tapping waiting for a delivery person or standing in line only to get a pizza that will cool on the way home.

Not wanting to waste Walstrom’s cooking talents, Vic’s also offers calzones, hot wings and buffalo wings. A dessert item that is quickly becoming popular is a 1-pound chocolate-chip cookie people can bake at home, McCluskey said.

It’s still a new venture, but Vic’s received great support from the community in its first week.

Tina Stubbs of Oakley said her kids loved it and the pizza baked perfectly all the way through. She had a combo pizza and a garlic chicken one.

"The sauces were awesome," she said. "The ingredients complemented the toppings and it had all the right proportions."

Vic’s Take-and-Bake Pizza

54 N. Main