New trash program begins next week |

New trash program begins next week

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

If homeowners had trouble closing the lid of their trash bins on garbage day before, the new grey bins that are being delivered door to door, which are roughly two-thirds the size, may come as quite a shock.

Allied Waste has been delivering new trash cans to houses throughout Summit County all week in preparation for a change-over in waste collection, which will utilize smaller trash cans and larger recycling bins.

The new waste program was chosen by the Summit County Council and the Summit County manager in hopes of encouraging more residents to recycle.

Residents will now use a 65-gallon can for trash and a 95-gallon can for recycling. Trash will be picked up once a week and recycling will be picked up every other week. According to Summit County’s website, "all current waste carts in the county (whether brown or blue) will turn into recycling carts" and all residents will receive new, 65-gallon grey bins for trash.

Cardboard, metals and paper can be placed in the recycle bin, however glass and food waste is not allowed.

The new trash pickup will begin on Monday, July 2, and Allied Waste will begin picking up the recycling bins on July 9.

While the new trash program is meant to make residents aware of how much trash they create, some homeowners are concerned about what to do if they produce too much trash for the smaller bin.

Dan Macuga, a Jeremy Ranch resident, said with six people in his household and yard waste, he already has too much waste for the 95-gallon bin.

"We are already recycling," Macuga said. "And this program is great to encourage people to do that, but what are we supposed to do with all the yard waste and trash from six people if we already take out the recycling? If I mow my lawn, that fills up my trash can right there."

Macuga added that many of his neighbors have similar concerns and have not been given a clear answer on when a second bin will be available.

"When I called and asked what I was supposed to do with a month backlog of trash, the county waste management department said ‘stack it up’," he said. "I paid for a second trash can before, I don’t know why we can’t just keep that one or buy a second one."

Gordon Raymond, manager of municipal services for Allied Waste/Republic said that residents can request a second trash can right away but it may take a little while for the bin to be delivered.

"We are running all over right now delivering cans, so it may not be immediate but we can get homeowners additional bins fairly soon," he said. "We have received a few requests for a second one so far, mostly from large families or split houses."

According to Raymond, additional bins will be $12 per bin per month.

"The only issues we have had so far is that many residents in Old Town Park City are concerned about the large recycling bins and maneuvering them up or down steep slopes or stairs," he said. "But people in Old Town can use their small blue recycling bins still if they would like and our trucks will collect them. We want to be able to accommodate them and if a resident only wants the small recycling bin, we will remove their large bin in a little while."

A complete list of trash and recycling restrictions and a pickup schedule can be found online at under the waste banner. To request an additional bin call Allied Waste at 801-631-2826.