No Name Saloon to go smoke-free and expand to CA |

No Name Saloon to go smoke-free and expand to CA

Kelly Evertsen, Of the Record Staff

No Name Saloon Bartender Sherri Murdock told her fellow co-workers the big news that she was pregnant a few weeks ago.

"I found out I was pregnant about a month and a half ago," she said. "I’m due May 10 I’m really excited now."

When the regular customers found out, they pushed No Name Saloon Bar and Grill owner Jesse Shetler to do something about the smoking policy at his bar.

"The idea actually came from a customer Dennis Dion," Shetler said. "Dennis and I were just talking about when we’d [take the bar] non-smoking next year and he said, ‘Well, didn’t I just hear that Sherri is pregnant?’ I said, ‘yes, I just heard that, too,’ and he said, ‘Well, what is she going to do?’"

Shetler said nobody wanted to see Murdock leave her job.

"She’s loved by everyone and she’s an outstanding member of the staff," Shetler said. "We don’t want to lose her. She needs to keep working as long as she can during her pregnancy."

Shetler was already planning to make the bar and grill non-smoking within the next two years because of Utah’s new non-smoking ordinance, which requires all Class D private clubs and bars in Utah to become non-smoking by January of 2009. The same type of non-smoking ban in public places has been adopted in other states, including California and New York.

With a baby on the way, and the possibility of losing a long-time beloved employee and friend, Shetler decided to change the policy faster.

"In consideration of that, we decided to take [No Name Saloon Bar and Grill] to non-smoking right away," Shetler said. On Nov. 20 the no-smoking policy will go into effect.

But this isn’t the only change for the No Name Saloon, a rustic bar and grill Shetler opened nine years ago, after gutting the old Alamo bar on Main Street. Shelter actually used to bartend at the Alamo, after moving from Chicago to Park City 29 years ago. He said he moved from a regular bartending position to various management positions at other bars in town and eventually purchased and part-owned the old Alamo bar, which he eventually took over and renamed the No Name Saloon Bar and Grill.

"It looks completely different, in fact I took everything out of the Alamo," Shetler said of his bar. "It is very rustic. When you walk into ‘No Name Saloon,’ you feel like you’re in a bar that’s been there for 50 years or more, but in reality, it’s been there nine years."

After these major renovations, the old building, which was built more than a century ago on Historic Main Street, still wasn’t completely up to city and seismic codes.

Shetler said he needed to expand the back of the building to Park Avenue in order to create an emergency exit. He said this used to be against commercial building laws in the 1980s when residents established a city code forbidding commercial businesses from expanding onto Park Ave. But, Shetler said, because this particular building is so old, he was able to obtain city approval and expand into the residential zone.

"Just this summer, we started construction," Shetler said. "Between acquiring the property behind No Name Saloon and getting all the city approvals, it took about six years."

When construction is complete, Shetler said the bar and grill will have a much larger kitchen and customers will be able to sit at the end of the bar where the small grill and kitchen used to be. There will also be a larger arch-way between the existing building and the new part of the building.

Shetler said he also plans to open the bar for breakfast.

"We’ll have a full breakfast menu once [construction] is finished next summer," he said.

The bar and grill currently serves lunch and dinner and opens at 10 a.m. daily.

"We’ll also expand the menu probably with a full breakfast, a couple of steaks and pizzas. [We’re] just keeping it the same level of quality of food. We’re not talking about fine dining because I don’t want to take away from my Butcher’s Chop House," he said.

Shetler opened Butcher’s Chop House and Bar at the bottom of Main Street in the Caledonian Building in 2001 after the late building’s owner, Fred Moore, approached him about opening a restaurant.

"He knew me and I think he felt I’d be good for the location," Shetler said. "He presented me with the idea I got the lease and gutted the [old] restaurant and bar and rebuilt a brand new one."

Shetler said, since it opened Christmas Eve of 2001, Butcher’s Chop House has become a locals’ and tourists’ favorite.

"Business at Butcher’s is just tremendous," Shetler said. "It is just awesome."

Shetler said what sets Butcher’s apart from other steakhouses or restaurants in Park City is that the restaurant has a more casual, friendly atmosphere and is not overly sophisticated. He said the restaurant steers away from the typical a la carte menu.

"What makes it unique as a steakhouse is we’re not a la carte like many steakhouses are these days," he said. "While we have a fine dining quality of food, we don’t go with white tablecloths. The quality of food would be in any four- or five-star restaurant but, at the same time, we decided to charge a little bit less and give you more I think that’s where we found our niche."

He said he is proud of his new restaurant, but has also found success with the No Name Saloon. He has recently decided to expand to California.

"I am opening a ‘No Name Saloon and Grill’ in San Jose, Calif., along with my partner, Radu Dugala," Shetler said.

Shetler said Dugala has worked at No Name Saloon for 12 to 13 years. He was the head bartender for awhile and Shetler eventually offered to sell 40 percent of the saloon to him. The two became business partners and recently took a trip to California where they found a great development in San Jose three blocks from the HP Pavilion where the San Jose Sharks play. The two plan to open the new No Name Saloon Bar and Grill on San Pedro Square next year.

"The area is perfect for us. The building is perfect for what we do at ‘No Name Saloon,’" Shetler said. "When we go to California, we will be 50-50 partners. [Dugala] will be moving to San Jose with his wife and their son. We have to go in and start from scratch, so I’ll go to San Jose to build in January I’ll fly back and forth as needed between the two properties, but Radu will take care of day-to-day operations [in California]."

Shetler, who is quite the entrepreneur in Park City now, says he is sure No Name Saloon will be just as big of a hit in San Jose as it has been on Main Street.

"It’s attention to details and attention to our customers [that makes us successful]," Shetler said of his local businesses. "If you’re happy with your own product then chances are pretty strong that your customers are happy. I try to look at business through my customers’ eyes. I’m very critical when I go to other towns and eat somewhere and see what they’ve done with business, so I try to make sure I cover all the bases here in my own establishments You want a great product, great service and a great atmosphere, and if you have all those things, you should have a steady clientele."

Shetler said the No Name Saloon clientele is very strong bringing both locals and tourists through its doors for drinks and good food.

Shetler also mentioned that he recently purchased the lease for the Quiksilver building on Main Street. While Shetler does not yet have set plans for the space, he said Parkites can expect another Shetler establishment coming to town soon.

"Quiksilver has the lease until September, 2008, so keep you’re eye on that," he said.

No Name Saloon is located at 447 Main Street. For more information, visit or call 649-6667. For more information about Butcher’s Chop House and Bar at 751 Main, visit or call 647-0040.

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