No Place Like Home celebrates 20 years in Park City |

No Place Like Home celebrates 20 years in Park City

Kelly Keiter, Of the Record Staff

JoAnn Frank and her son, Terry, originally from Bountiful, decided to open their first business together when they lived in Salt Lake. No Place Like Home was a kitchenware store in Foothill Village, and was relocated to Park City by the Franks in 1988. It has now been a part of Park City for many years. The mother and son recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of opening the store.

"We have a little family here," Terry said of his employees. "At one point, we were the only kitchen store in town."

JoAnn’s husband used to run a pharmacy in Bountiful. Terry said that taught his family about the retail industry and helped him and his mom run the business together.

"It’s amazing that we made it that long," JoAnn said of her business. "When you do something like that you look at it as an endeavor, but then 20 years go by."

Since opening No Place Like Home, the mother and son team have tried to focus on the locals’ needs and keep up with the latest kitchenware trends in Park City. Terry has since taken over most of the management of the store, which moved across the street from its original location at the Park City Plaza to the west side of Bonanza Drive next to Whimsy, three years ago.

The store originally sold kitchenware, but has since expanded to offer cooking classes. Each class teaches students how to make foods from all over the globe, including China, Thailand, France and Italy. The courses are taught by renowned chefs from Park City and all over the United States in No Place Like Home’s kitchen. The classes can accommodate 18 people and cost $55 per person. Terry said they are a great way for locals and visitors to learn new recipes and enjoy delicious five-course meals.

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"They are mostly demonstration classes, but they include full five-course dinners," Terry said. "We’re always doing different, new things."

Terry, JoAnn and Vicki McRay, a store employee for eight years, talked about some of the designer kitchenware they carry at the store, which they say come in many price ranges in order to serve the community’s needs. Some of the specialty items carried in the store include drinking glasses made by the local company Morag Designs, Port Marion high-quality porcelain dishware, All-Clad pots, pans and appliances and Lecreuset dishware. The store also carries local artists’ gift cards created by Ann Wilkenson and Naomi Doyle.

Terry and Vicki said they enjoy carrying distinctive items.

"We’re unique," Terry said. "We carry quality kitchen appliances you can’t find anywhere."

McRay said the No Place Like Home employees are well-versed on the appliances and can help customers with any questions they may have.

"The employees are knowledgeable," McRay said. "Everybody cooks and bakes and everybody is well-versed in cooking."

McRay said the store also sees many regular shoppers, who they said they have outfitted their kitchens for years.

"We have regulars who come in," McRay said. "We look forward to them coming in."

The store specializes in design and can help new homebuilders select the right appliances for their kitchens.

"We supply their entire kitchen," McRay said of her regular customers. "We outfit the kitchen, pack it and deliver it."

Terry said, over the years, he has paid special attention to the requests of his customers, and revolves his purchases in the store around what they are looking for.

"We have high-quality products," he said. "If I get negative feedback from customers, I won’t order it again."

JoAnn emphasizes her son’s skills in the kitchenware trade and said she is proud of the way he has perfected it.

"Terry is a good buyer and I have to give him all the credit for that," JoAnn said. "I told him, ‘Terry I taught you everything I knew and you surpassed me.’"

JoAnn looks back on the store’s evolution and said it has been fun to keep up on the trends that keep her business thriving.

"There’s always a change in different colors, everything recycles itself," she said. "I remember when turquoise wasn’t an ‘in’ color and last year turquoise and orange became popular colors. It’s never the same. You have to meet different needs of the people."

Terry said the Frank family plans to keep No Place Like Home forever and hopes Park City will continue to make it one of their favorite kitchenware stores.

"We look forward to being in Park City a long time," Terry said.

Those interested in attending cooking classes can make reservations at the store or by calling 649-9700. No Place Like Home is located at 1685 Bonanza Drive. The store hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store is open most holidays.