North Summit appoints new Superintendent |

North Summit appoints new Superintendent

by Megan Yeiter, The Park Record

Jerre Holmes, Principal of North Summit High School for 10 years, will fill the shoes of former North Summit Superintendent Steve Carlsen.

Holmes submitted an application when the position for Superintendent became available. A committee made up of North Summit staff members and parents reviewed his letter and resume and composed a qualification interview.

According to Holmes, he was offered the position a week after interviewing with the school board.

"It’s a new challenge and I think we all like new challenges. The concern for me is to make decisions and to help staff do all that we can for our students’ success," Holmes said.

Holmes will officially start his role as superintendent on July 5. With new legislation, he plans to tackle challenges one at a time.

"We have great administrators and we have great teachers. I’m not concerned because I trust the people who are in direct supervision of the students," Holmes said.

According to Holmes, the only donwside is that the position will remove him from interacting with the students as much as he would like.

"I’ll miss that a lot and I’ll miss the direct contact with the teachers, but I’ll stay in contact," Holmes said.

The position for principal of North Summit High School is now being advertised.

According to Holmes, the school board is looking for someone who is a certified administrator. A committee made up of faculty, staff and parents will conduct the interviews.


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