North Summit Rec tax increase will be on the ballot in November |

North Summit Rec tax increase will be on the ballot in November

As Summit County moves to zero out funding for the North Summit Recreation District, the district has been forced to increase fees for kids to play sports, recreation manager Nathan Brooks told the County Council.

On Wednesday night, the district received approval from the County Council to put the question of whether to pay more in taxes to fund youth sports to voters.

Brooks told the Council the fees are still relatively modest compared to area towns and counties, but that won’t be the case for much longer as the funding dries up.

“Parents are stretched pretty thin,” he said. “We’re strictly going for operational funds. We’re not being extravagant, we’re just trying to keep our doors open.”

The tax would be about $28.50 per year on a home with $265,000 in taxable value and raise $85,000 per year.

Last year, the district’s operations cost about $74,000, with $35,000 coming from the county. The amount of county funding was reduced to $25,000 this year.

A similar 2016 ballot measure failed in relatively spectacular fashion, County Councilor Chris Robinson noted.

“I was surprised 90 percent voted against it,” he said. “We can’t get 90 percent to do anything.”

Brooks blamed a failure to educate the affected communities, and said families rejected a new tax out of hand.

And in 2012, voters soundly rejected an $8 million bond to build new recreation facilities.

This time around, Brooks said they’ve concentrated more on outreach, with flyers and social media posts.

“The attitude is different,” Brooks said. “The word is out, we’re going to make it. I feel confident in it.”

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