North Summit Republican considers write-in campaign for County Council seat |

North Summit Republican considers write-in campaign for County Council seat

The founder of a conservative group of political activists in Summit County is considering launching a write-in campaign for seat D on the Summit County Council.

North Summit Republican Jacqueline Smith said she may take on incumbent County Councilman Chris Robinson, a Democrat, and South Summit resident Gary Shumway, a member of the Constitution Party.

Smith began the ultraconservative STAR Forum. The STAR acronym stands for "Save the American Republic."

"[Councilpersons] need to do what is best for the county and I think sometimes they don’t always do what is best for the county," Smith said in a telephone interview. "They ride too partisan."

The five-member Summit County Council has four Democrats. Kamas resident David Ure is the lone Republican on the panel.

"I just feel like the conservative side is not really being represented by the council I need to get some more information about some of the decisions they have been making lately," Smith said. "The other thing that I really have a concern with is the county manager position."

Councilpersons appoint the manager to oversee the government’s executive branch.

"I believe the county manger position, as an appointed position, is not a good idea. That creates the council putting someone in that will just always vote their direction. I think that should be an elected position," Smith said.

As a write-in candidate, Smith would be a formidable campaigner this fall, said Henry Glasheen, chairman of the Summit County Republican Party.

"She will be a tough competitor," Glasheen said. "She has got a great network of people who are anxiously engaged and involved. And they are doing all kinds of stuff."

Smith is registered as a Republican.

"We would evaluate her candidacy the same way that we evaluate everyone else I feel very strongly that anyone who gets into this process to make it better is going to get my support," Glasheen said. "There are a lot of people out here, both in the East and the West Side of the county that would support her."

"If she decides to run for it she is going to make a race out of it," he added.

But it’s too late for Smith’s name to appear on the ballot. Write-in candidates have until 30 days before the Nov. 2 election to officially enter a race.

You must be registered as a write-in candidate for votes to count on Election Day.

There are two Summit County Council seats on the ballot this year. In the race for seat E, incumbent Ure is facing a challenge from Francis Democrat KayCee Simpson.

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