Nutriex reaches out to retailers |

Nutriex reaches out to retailers


There is an 11-year-old company based in Park City whose products are used by professional athletes and top physicians around the country, but you’ve probably never heard of it.

That’s because the company is a non profit and strives to keep costs low. Its days of being low-profile, however, are coming to an end. Enough retailers have heard about the line of products that the company decided to make an appearance at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

The company is Nutriex and was founded by well-known orthopedic knee specialist Thomas Rosenberg. It is managed from the ProHealth Lab leasing space in the Park City Medical Center.

The ProHealth Lab is a not-for-profit clinic focusing on preventative medicine. Nutriex aids patients in having proper nutrition, Rosenberg explained.

Hippocrates is credited for saying, "Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." Physicians have forgotten that, Rosenberg said. Few have the right knowledge or incentives to make sure their patients are eating the right foods to prevent or recover from maladies, he said.

Rosenberg realized some years ago that orthopedic patients who received enough calcium, magnesium, vitamin D-3, vitamin K and nutrients for good bone density or anti-inflammation recovered from his surgeries faster.

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He was in the habit of prescribing post-operative patients six or seven different supplements to help them heal. Most struggled with the regimen, he said. One took them faithfully and had almost no swelling after only three months. That got Rosenberg and the patient talking about how effective the combination was.

"He said, ‘I can make this for you,’" Rosenberg recalls.

The man was Kim Wheelwright, CEO of Pro Pac an Ogden-based supplement manufacturer.

A team of advisors was formed none of whom profit from the products to perfect dosage and the formula, he said.

For example, Randall Olson at the Moran Eye Center said what was needed to prevent eye disease. Harry Hill, an immunologist, advised on what the immune system needed. Patrick McBride, an expert in preventative cardiology, suggested ingredients that would help the heart. Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling, advised on athletic performance.

The finished product was the result of a democratic process, Rosenberg said. But they also realized that different health goals warranted different versions of the product. Today there are six lines: Health, Sport, Ortho, Basic, Omega-3/Fish Oil and Proteins.

Rosenberg said he uses it himself to prevent arthritis in his thumbs that would end his career as a surgeon. Nutriex products are effective for arthritis because it addresses the causes, he said.

Bad diets and lifestyles create or exacerbate arthritis and inflammation. Medications only cover it up while it gets worse, he said. Nutriex gives the body what it needs to heal itself.

"A lot of what we attribute to aging is really inferior nutrition," he said.

The ingredients in Nutriex are mostly extracts from health foods, Rosenberg said. Sea algae, tomatoes, marigolds, citrus rinds, ginger root, green tea, apples, onions, pineapple stems and other natural sources of protein, fiber and vitamins can all be found, he said.

Nutriex is nonprofit so the products are affordable for everyone, Rosenberg added. He recommends waiting at least two months to see results.

"Cells take time to change," he explained.

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