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Oakley’s Hard Core Personal Training is a home-based business helping clients lose 50 pounds


Shauna Woolstenhulme is a woman who definitely walks her talk.

She teaches fitness and is in better shape at age 50 than she was as a multi-sport collegiate athlete on scholarship.

After 20 years of coaching basketball and volleyball at South Summit High School, Woolstenhulme has turned her attention to a new career as a physical trainer. She teaches at the aquatic and fitness center in Kamas, but is quickly becoming known for her home-based business: Hard Core Personal Training.

The name fits. She herself lost 70 pounds in five months. She didn’t starve herself, the program she uses is just that good. She learned it at a clinic, incorporated it into her own routine, and saw amazing results.

Now her clients are. One woman has lost over 50 pounds. A young man recovering from an injury was able to get back to his favorite sports in only six months.

Most home-based businesses in Summit County are some kind of consulting, accounting or snow-removal. Her basement is a gym. One room has boxing equipment, another has stationary bikes, another has treadmills and the biggest room is full of weights.

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Weight training is the secret to her and her clients’ success, she said.

"We work really hard," she explained. "I’ve picked up my program in 20 years of coaching."

She teaches 6-week long courses, each with a different emphasis. Every day the workout is different so the body never falls into a routine.

She also teaches basic nutrition to help people develop healthier lifestyles and is working on becoming a certified nutritionist.

She herself has to eat 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day to keep from wasting away, she said. She exercises twice a day for a total of two hours and burns that many calories or more with the intensity of the workouts.

She keeps clients coming back for that much punishment by making her gym fun. She recently held her own "Biggest Loser" contest and 45 people signed up at a cost of $20 each.

She also has to give some credit to the people.

"I have some really dedicated clients. These guys really stay with it. It’s a group that gets each other excited about working out. If someone misses, they call them," she said.

Her classes have about five to 10 people at a time and they develop camaraderie, she said. Sometimes they become such good friends that they talk all the way through the workout.

"It can be a big gossip session it’s really fun," she said. "We’re talking, and sweating and having fun. They feel like they’re a family."

Woolstenhulme had to pause a moment when trying to decide if she was in better shape at age 50 or as a college athlete.

"You know, my joints don’t hurt like they did then," she said.

Tonja Hanson said she loves Woolstenhulme’s program.

"People can go and work out, get personalized menu plans and exercise programs to help them become fit and lose weight," she said. "They are not only losing weight but their blood pressure and over-all health has improved. I have lost a few pounds I love her program."

Patti Rapp said she’s been working out for years ever since high school and has tried all different types of exercise.

"Shauna’s class is the only one I’ve ever taken where I’ve gotten instant results. I lost inches and weight. It is definitely hard core not for the feint of heart," she said.

Rapp said Woolstenhulme is knowledgeable and committed to her clients. She said the changing of routines makes it so she never gets bored and feels every muscle in her body getting worked. Clients are so committed to working out because they love Woolstenhulme, Rapp said.

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