Obituary — Bradford D. Smith |

Obituary — Bradford D. Smith

1958 - 2008

Bradford D. Smith, 50, passed away Oct. 2, 2008, in his beloved mountain home on Daly Avenue in Park City, Utah. His larger than life presence will be forever missed by his family, neighbors and friends. Brad purchased Bicycle Jack’s remodeled miner’s shack and quickly became an igniting force of energy on Daly. His love of the outdoors was nurtured here in Park City and he devoted his days to fly fishing, hiking and powder skiing with his many friends. He was devoted to his 13-year-old daughter, Tate, exposing her to his love of the mountains. With his dear new family, wife, Christa, her two children, Luke and Luci, and his daughter, Tate, he enlivened Daly with his crazy antics and happiness, leaving on imprint on each of us to live life with fullness and exuberance. We are really going to miss you, Brad! Brad’s life will be celebrated with a service at Park City Community Church on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008 at 3:00 p.m.