Official vote canvas reaffirms local election results |

Official vote canvas reaffirms local election results

Caroline Kingsley and Nan Chalat Noaker
Summit County Council Members Dave Ure and Sally Elliott along with county assessor Steve Martin and Treasurer Corie Forsling examine the provisional and absentee ballots at Monday's official canvass of votes. Photo by Caroline Kingsley/Park Record.

The preliminary results of the Summit County Council election are now official. After reviewing 765 provisional ballots and 2,530 absentee ballots; Roger Armstrong, Claudia McMullin and Kim Carson can begin preparing for the next four years.

As of election night, the margin between the winning and losing candidates vying for seats A and B on the five-member council was smaller than the number of outstanding ballots, leaving open the possibility that the outcome could change.

However, after review by the county assessor, treasurer and the two council members, who were not on the ballot this year, both Armstrong’s and McMullin’s leads grew over their opponents Max Greenhalgh and Sue Pollard, respectively.

The official vote tally is:

Seat A:

  • Republican Max Greenhalgh – 7,956
  • Democrat Roger Armstrong – 8,259

    Seat B:

  • Republican Sue Pollard – 8,036
  • Democrat Claudia McMullin – 8,237

    Seat C:

  • Democrat Kim Carson – 9,258
  • Write-in – 1,602

    According to the county clerk’s report, which was reviewed and accepted on Monday, of the 765 provisional ballots 667 qualified but 98 did not. Of those that did not, 76 were cast by new residents who had neglected to register to vote. Of the 2,530 absentee ballots, 2,053 were sent in and only 18 were disqualified, the majority of which were postmarked after the deadline.

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