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Old explosives discovered at Montage construction site

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Construction workers discovered old explosives at the site of the Montage hotel in Empire Pass Monday morning, creating a commotion in the upper reaches of Deer Valley as police officers, firefighters, bomb experts and news helicopters descended on the site.

Police Chief Wade Carpenter said the workers discovered the explosives about 830 feet from the parking lot outside Deer Valley Resort’s Empire lodge. The Montage is under construction just outside the lodge.

Carpenter described the find as an "old mine vault." He said the explosive material was dynamite, but other authorities did not immediately confirm the type of explosive.

Phyllis Robinson, a spokesperson for City Hall, said the explosives are "nothing of a recent vintage." The amount of explosives was not immediately known.

A Layton Construction crew discovered the explosives, and Robinson said between 200 and 225 workers were told to leave the site for the day.

The authorities were controlling access on Marsac Avenue close to the site, and trails in the immediate area were closed.

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There have not been evacuations ordered for the surrounding area.

The area around the Montage was a significant site during Park City’s silver-mining era, with the historic Daly West mine nearby.

Airspace above the site was temporarily restricted.