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Old Town lights up City Hall idea to further restrict house sizes

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

People who own property in Old Town or who design houses in the neighborhood Wednesday night lit up a City Hall idea to further restrict house sizes, panning the proposal in what was one of the most lopsided hearings in recent years.

There were indications beforehand that opponents would outnumber people who support the idea, but the extent of the divide was not evident until the hearing was underway. The Park City Planning Commission listened to testimony for approximately an hour and 10 minutes.

Twenty-three people testified. Of the people who spoke, only one person, Mary Wintzer, did not roundly condemn the idea. Wintzer’s comments did not appear in full support, though, either. The rest of the speakers brought up numerous points, including that the restrictions will discourage people from buying in Old Town, City Hall should give the current rules more time and the idea is misguided.

The Planning Commission was not scheduled to make a decision on a package of changes to City Hall’s Land Management Code, the document that governs development within the city. The panel indicated it would revisit the topic on Aug. 24.

One of the key changes under consideration is restricting a house to a maximum of two stories, down from the three stories that are now allowed.