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Old Town parking permits necessary

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

People who live in the southern end of Old Town and park on the street must renew their parking permits.

The permits, which are free, are distributed on an annual basis as the ski season approaches. The current permits expire Nov. 15. The new ones are valid through Nov. 15, 2010.

The permits restrict parking to residents on Old Town streets west of Main Street and south of 12th Street. People with off-street parking spots like such as garages or driveways are not required to obtain a permit.

The Public Works Department distributes the permits. Applications are available on the department’s section of City Hall’s Web site, http://www.parkcity.org/img/onlineservices/residentialpermit.pdf. Letters and applications were recently sent to people who currently hold a permit.

People applying for the first time must provide a proof of residency, such as a driver license, a utility bill or a property-tax receipt. Applications also request information about the vehicles, including the license-plate number and the vehicle-identification number.

There are four permit zones, broken up by geographic areas in Old Town. Stickers designate where vehicles are allowed to park.

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City Hall instituted the permitting program more than a decade ago as a paid-parking system was put in place on Main Street. The permits are meant to discourage Main Street workers and others driving to the street from parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

People who park in a residential zone without the proper sticker could receive a parking ticket. Parking is tight on nearby streets like the upper stretch of Park Avenue, Woodside Avenue and Daly Avenue.

Brian Andersen, who manages City Hall’s parking programs, said the permits have been "pretty effective" in keeping drivers from parking on the neighborhood streets. He said the streets have not been "inundated" with drivers hoping to avoid the parking meters on Main Street.

People must visit the Public Works Building, 1053 Iron Horse Drive, to receive a permit.

For more information, call the Public Works Department at 615-5301 or visit the Web site.