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Old Town people: don’t forget to get a new parking permit

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

People who live in Old Town and park on the street must renew their residential-parking permits by mid-November or risk getting a warning or a ticket if their vehicle is parked on one of the restricted streets.

The Park City Public Works Department manages the residential-permit system and recent sent renewal notices to people who have the permits. The current permits expire on Nov. 15. The permits are free.

People must live within one of the residential-permit zones to obtain a sticker to place on their vehicle. The upper sections of Old Town are split into zones, and the stickers are only valid in their individual zones.

Those with off-street parking like a driveway, a garage or a privately held parking spot are not required to obtain a permit.

People who are applying for a permit for the first time are required to provide proof of residency such as a driver license, a utility bill, a property-tax bill or a lease. They also must provide a valid vehicle registration.

Everyone who applies must provide photo identification, with acceptable forms including a driver license, a state identification card, a passport or a military identification.

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The application for the permits asks for information like license-plate numbers and the address where people live. The Public Works Department recently sent out applications and they are available on City Hall’s website.

Officials want people to fill out the application and then send or fax completed applications to the department. The applications take five business days to process, the Public Works Department says on the form. People may pick up the stickers at the front desk of the Public Works Building, 1053 Iron Horse Drive.

For more information, call the Public Works Department at 615-5301. More information is also available in the Parking section of City Hall’s website, http://www.parkcity.org, which is reachable by selecting the Government link on the front page of the site and then choosing the City Departments link. Select Parking from the list of departments, then Parking Permit Applications and then Residential Permit Application.

City Hall started the residential-permit system in the late 1990s as a paid-parking system was launched on Main Street. The permit system was put in place to discourage Main Street workers and shoppers from parking on neighborhood streets to avoid having to pay to park.