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Orion’s music reviews Interpol’s latest

Alex Henry , contributing Record writer

Three albums in and Interpol seem to keep raising the anticipation level for themselves after releasing "Turn On The Bright Lights," possibly the most focused and fully realized debuts in recent memory. After that they made "Antics," which seemed to cut the atmosphere a bit and tried to make singles out of their patented form of gloomy rock. It didn’t work so well. The album was still considered a success, though. It retained enough of their debut’s style to appeal to their fans. This album seems to be taking that mindset further. At first the songs are immediately recognizable as Interpol songs. As you listen, though, the differences become apparent. For instance, the band has added a slew of new instruments that they haven’t used before, like piano, strings and a small brass section. The addition of these instruments makes their beautiful songs, "The Lighthouse" for example, downright gorgeous. This album just proves how talented this band is at creating soundscapes. The slower songs here are leagues above the shorter, more poppy numbers, of which there are a disturbing number. The only other downside of this is that the lyrics have no chance of rivaling the music, but that’s okay when the music is this good. This album comes the closest to their success in "Turn On The Bright Lights," which is good news for fans. Overall a great album that unfortunately jumps around quality wise a bit too much, but even their lackluster material is better then most other bands best work.