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Orion’s Music reviews Jack Johnson

ALEX HENRY, Contributing Record writer

You have to give credit where credit is due, and Jack Johnson knows how to make a Jack Johnson record. If that is at all confusing let me explain. Since his debut album, "Brushfire Fairytales," his style has remained consistent — almost too consistent, with each album showing almost no changes whatsoever. That can be either a fault or a strength based on how you feel about his music in the first place. In his defense he knows what he is doing and he has said that this is the type of music he can make. It’s true: No one else out there save a few like Ben Harper and G. Love make this type of music better. His music has always been of the laid-back mellow variety. Rumors were circulating about this album that he would be venturing into darker more emotional territory this time around. The talk, however, turned out only to be half true. The songs in "Sleep Through the Static" are definitely more introspective and sparse lyrically, and in it, he uses electric guitars more than ever before. But, the music essentially sounds the same as it always has though. Just imagine a more political version of "On and On." It is nice to see that he has started to branch out a little bit, but the feel is very similar to what he’s done in the past. If you like Jack Johnson at all you will like this album; if you don’t like him, then this probably won’t change your mind.

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