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Outsiders are taking more tee times at Park City Golf Club

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Parkites golfing at the Park City Golf Club might not see as many familiar faces on the links as they once did — there’s a lot of outsiders playing the course nowadays.

City Hall staffers have compiled the golf course’s year-over-year numbers, based on the two consecutive fiscal years, indicating that the number of rounds played by people classified as nonresidents has soared while the total for residents fell slightly between the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years.

According to a report submitted to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council, the number of rounds played by residents dipped to 11,872 from the 12,674 the year before, a drop of 6.3 percent. Rounds played by season-pass holders fell sharply, to 1,186, a 48 percent drop. The drop in season-pass play is attributed to the golf course no longer selling season passes to people unless they have held one before.

But the report shows nonresidents played 3,390 rounds, up from the 1,625 the year before, a 109 percent increase.

Overall rounds climbed by 1.3 percent to 19,533.

Nonresidents — defined as people who do not live within the Park City School District boundaries — pay more to play golf at the Park City Golf Club than residents pay, making them a more lucrative market. Nonresidents pay $57 for an 18-hole round with a cart while residents pay $46 for the same.

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"There were solid increases in our higher priced non-resident and tournament rounds. This more than made up the difference in the decreases in resident and season pass play," the golf course manager, Craig Sanchez, wrote in the report to the elected officials.

Officials do not intend to request a rate increase this year to the price of resident and nonresident rounds.

Sanchez said nonresident players typically either come from the Salt Lake Valley or are tourists from outside the state. He said, as an example, there are many nonresident players during the annual Triple Crown Sports softball tournament held annually in the summer. Sanchez also credited the Park City Chamber/Bureau with attracting more summertime events and visitors, leading to more players at the golf course.

Research conducted by City Hall shows the Park City Golf Club charges the highest price of four area courses that were used in comparison. Both the resident and nonresident cost for 18 holes with a cart at the Park City Golf Club topped the list. The other courses used in comparison included those at Wasatch Mountain State Park, Mountain Dell and Homestead Resort. Park City leaders have long seen the Park City Golf Club as offering one of the state’s best golfing deals.

The report to the elected officials indicates work on the golf course this year is anticipated to include the installation of a new irrigation control system, replacing one that is nearly 20 years old. Crews will also build a back tee box on the 14th hole, the report said.

The Golf Club also acquired a new mower for the roughs and two new fuel-saving mowers for the greens, the report said, noting that the greens mowers also remove the possibility of hydraulic leaks on the greens.

Meanwhile, City Hall’s website early in the week advertised four job openings at the Golf Club, posted as the golf season is approaching. Each of them is seasonal with part-time hours, according to the postings. A position for an assistant golf pro pays the most, with the salary range at between $11.14 and $15.62 per hour, depending on qualifications. The other jobs pay as little as $7.70 per hour and as much as $11.65 per hour.