Paisley Pomegranate one of a kind |

Paisley Pomegranate one of a kind

A doorstop that has been turned into an armoire, a 200-year-old gallery chest and plenty of pieces of art and jewelry handcrafted in Park City, all sold at a shop called the Paisley Pomegranate.

It’s nothing if not unique, but that’s just the way co-owners Kimberli Brown-McManus and Michelle Giolas want it.

"A lot of times we have a disappointed customer who saw something in someone’s home and they want us to get another one in, but everything is one of a kind, especially the art pieces," Brown-McManus said. "We couldn’t get a second piece even if we wanted it. It’s just something interesting, kind of a different twist on furniture."

The Paisley Pomegranate opened in October of 2004 as a local shop selling general gifts. Since then, the store has gone from three owners to two and found a new focus.

"At first we thought we’d be more of a general gift store and just serve the needs of the locals so they didn’t have to go to Main Street to get a gift, but the more we got involved we realized people were wanting something different, both visitors and locals," Brown-McManus said. "So we came up with a new philosophy that we’d only carry products that are handcrafted in the United States. Everything is made is China now, so we decided that we wanted to do more American-made pieces, and specifically by artisans in Utah and Park City."

One of the artisans that Paisley carries is Aki, an Indian whose family still lives in India. Aki lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., but makes his pieces out of Indian wood sent to him by his family.

His family will buy estates or mansions in India and he will use parts of the house to make things, such as armoires and chests made from vintage wood.

The Paisley also carries Company C, a carpet and rug line started by the founder of Pottery Barn, Petunia Picklebottom, a children’s line and Natura Vista, a line of hand-made shoes.

Then there are mirrors, hand-blown glass, silk shades and unique pieces of art made by locals.

"We try to have a lot of things nobody else carries," Brown-McManus said. "We try to be exclusive so you can only get our items at the Paisley."

But, as of this fall, Paisley Pomegranate is no longer going to be as unique as it is currently.

"The locals have been very good to us in Park City," Brown-McManus said. "But we want to expand, so we’re opening a store in Salt Lake City this fall."

Brown-McManus previously had a store called The Goose and the Hen in Salt Lake, so she knows the market.

She started The Goose and the Hen while still in school at the University of Utah. She sold the wholesale company when other stores began to copy her merchandise and make it for less money than she could by having the goods made in China. So she sold the company and went to work as a designer.

"As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them," she said. "But it just didn’t feel right, joining with them. I came back home from my last trip to Hong Kong and decided enough was enough."

She moved to Park City , waiting for the right opportunity to open a new store.

"I wanted to open a store up here and I waited and waited for the right place and when Redstone opened I new that was it," she said. "We were one of the first ones to sign a lease here."

She had found a location; all that was left was to find a name.

"We all got together and all had a list of all our potential names and ended up having two favorites that had to do with paisley and pomegranate," she said. "We ended up just combining them. The reason we chose it is that we thought it represented what we do. Like us, it’s a mixture of everything."

The Paisley Pomegranate is located at 1743 W. Redstone Center Drive and can be reached by calling (435) 575-0300. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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