Park City Business Center goes up |

Park City Business Center goes up

Kelly Keiter, Of the Record Staff

Across U.S. 40 to the east, near the Silver Summit exit, Ivory Development and the Burbage brothers recently broke ground to build a new business center, which is scheduled to be completed this fall.

The Park City Business Center is a 90-acre lot that will be used for light industrial and office development.

Currently, said Glenn Girsberger, commercial manager of Ivory Development, there are two buildings that are being designed for the property, and 31 extra lots that can be used for development.

"It will be awesome, just because this product type is not offered anywhere in the valley," Girsberger said. "We’ll build buildings as the demand increases."

Park City has seen a surge in commercial development along U.S. 40 the last few years. Quinn’s Junction will soon be the site of the IHC Hospital, a 300,000-square-foot facility, with additional medical support office buildings surrounding it. The U.S. Ski Team also broke ground for its Center for Excellence, a 85,000-square-foot athletic training center, Commerce CRG reports. And Stock Lumber recently opened a location near Brown’s Canyon, where more commercial development will be added this year.

When asked about rumors that a Costco will soon be going up near Park City, both Eric Nelson from Commerce CRG and Girsberger denied the possibilities, saying Summit County codes prohibit the company from building a large warehouse.

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"The problem of Costco right now is they need a minimum of 125,000 to 150,000 feet," Nelson said. "Under county guidelines, they won’t do that. They’ve looked into it but, under county code, that’s not possible."

However, the Park City Business Center, Girsberger said, will be a great space for office commercial and light industrial companies. He said the buildings will range from 1,500 square feet to 90,000 square feet, depending on businesses’ needs.

Girsberger said the buildings will be aesthetically pleasing and will fit Park City’s style standards.

"They will be state-of-the-art industrial buildings with 20-to 30-foot clear heights," he said.

He said the buildings will feature ESFR sprinkler systems, "the latest and greatest technology as far as fire protection goes."

Girsberger also said the exteriors of the buildings will have enhanced-features, timbers and metals, that will "give it that Park City feeling."

Bill Martin of Commerce CRG said the Burbages and Ivory Development make a good team for this project.

"It certainly has very qualified developers," Martin said. "Both parties understand the developing business."

Martin said the new Park City Business Center will be a great addition to Park City’s ever-growing commercial and industrial industries.

"It will be good," he said. "There’s always a need for small and intermediate-sized facilities. We have a lot of construction trades here and a lot of people can use it."

One concern Nelson brought up about the increased commercial and residential development in the Quinn’s Junction area and on U.S. 40 is how it will affect traffic.

"There is so much happening between Quinn’s Junction and Stock Lumber," he said. "Over 1,000 units that are approved that are going to impact the traffic coming into Park City."

However, he said, the space is needed.

"[It] is needed out there," he said.

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