Park City candidate, a second one, files inaccurate financial report |

Park City candidate, a second one, files inaccurate financial report

Mark Blue, a Park City Council candidate, filed a required financial report at City Hall with an inaccurate dollar figure, the second City Council candidate to submit a form that did not properly reflect the actual numbers.

Blue's report indicates he received $1,100 through donated services, known as in-kind donations. He also listed $1,100 in campaign expenditures tied to the donated services. Blue, however, said in the report his campaign had a balance of $1,100 on Oct. 31. The balance, though, should have been $0.

"My fault. My bad," Blue said, adding he planned to file an amended report on Wednesday.

Blue said he was in a hurry when he submitted the form, explaining that he was headed to Logan to celebrate Halloween with his child.

"My child comes first," Blue said.

The $1,100 listed as donated services was provided by a person named Terri Simpson with a Vacaville, California, ZIP code. Blue said Simpson is a friend who performed online work for the campaign.

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The report submitted by Blue was the second one from a City Council candidate with an inaccuracy. Josh Hobson made an error in arithmetic when he submitted his form. The Hobson submittal listed a campaign balance of $0 when the figure should have been a negative number, $808.92, since the sum of the expenditures was greater than the total contributions.

Hobson said Park City's election official was not present when he submitted the form and he would have asked questions if the official had been there. He also said he expected to hear from City Hall if there was an error. Hobson said he made a personal contribution to the campaign to cover the deficit.