Park City contemplates promoting living, fair wages |

Park City contemplates promoting living, fair wages

Park City leaders on Thursday are scheduled to hold their first formal discussion about the municipal government’s role in advancing social equity in the community, a broad topic that could eventually encompass issues like diversity and affordability.

One hour has been set aside for Mayor Jack Thomas and the Park City Council to discuss social equity, but the talk on Thursday is expected to be followed by a series of meetings in the coming year focused on a range of issues. The ideal of social equity has been broached recently, including in the recent City Hall election. It was unclear, though, how officials would approach the topic. The discussion on Thursday could provide a preview of the more detailed talks expected later.

A City Hall staff report drafted in anticipation of the meeting covers numerous issues like affordability, reflecting the diversity of the community and enhancing communications.

One topic that could draw particular interest, listed in the report under the issue of affordability, centers on pay in the community and the theory of a living wage. The report contemplates whether Park City should “promote a living wage and fair wage practices (through business licenses)?” It does not provide details, but even the mention of topics like a living wage and fair-wage practices is notable, as is the possibility of some sort of eventual link to a business license.

Other topics listed under the issue of affordability include educational efforts regarding “what a living wage is in Park City” and the possibility of passing a resolution in support of fair-wage practices. The report also notes ideas to further promote reduced recreation fees for families who qualify and expanding fee reductions for ice skating to qualifying families.

The discussion on Thursday is scheduled amid widened concern about the affordability of Park City as the community continues to enjoy rapid economic growth since the depths of the recession. There are worries at City Hall that certain segments of the community are struggling.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. in the City Council chambers at the Marsac Building. The discussion is slated to start at 3:45 p.m. A hearing is not scheduled, but the mayor oftentimes allows public input anyway.

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