Park City could vote on Treasure development proposal in December |

Park City could vote on Treasure development proposal in December

Timeline would put the momentous decision after Election Day

The Park City Planning Commission may be poised to cast a vote on the Treasure development proposal in December, a timeline that would put the decision after the City Hall political season but before a potential roster change that depends on the results of Election Day.

The Planning Commission on Wednesday night briefly addressed the Treasure timeline but was not scheduled to discuss the project itself. Steve Joyce, a member of the Planning Commission, broached the issue. Bruce Erickson, the planning director, said staffers expect to draft the final reports about Treasure in anticipation of a Planning Commission meeting in December. Staffers have crafted a list of Treasure issues that remain to be discussed, he said.

Adam Strachan, the chair of the Planning Commission, said it is preferred that the Treasure discussions are finished by the end of 2017, meaning there would be a vote by then.

“That would be my strong inclination,” he said.

The Planning Commission, though, did not discuss the timeline in any depth. The Planning Commission is expected to discuss Treasure at least three more times by the end of the year. Meetings about Treasure are slated in October, November and December.

The timeline has been especially notable in recent months as the Treasure partnership has indicated it desires a Planning Commission vote after more than a decade of on-and-off talks about the proposal. At one point it appeared the Treasure side would force a vote in November, but the partnership has since backed off a timeline as condensed as that one.

The partnership, consisting of the Sweeney family and a firm called Park City II, LLC, has said it will consider invoking a section of state law that requires a vote within 45 days after one is formally requested. The partnership, though, has not triggered the state law, and it remains unclear if it will do so if the Planning Commission appears prepared to cast a vote by the end of the year. The partnership was not represented at the meeting on Wednesday.

The Treasure proposal involves upward of 1 million square feet of development on a hillside overlooking Old Town along the route of the Town Lift. The Sweeney family in the 1980s secured an overall development approval for the Treasure land and nearby parcels. Another approval is needed before Treasure can be developed, though.

The Planning Commission and people who live on nearby streets like Lowell Avenue and Empire Avenue have concerns about issues like the traffic Treasure is expected to attract, the height of the project and the square footage.

There is a chance the Planning Commission lineup could change at the beginning of 2018. Joyce is competing for a seat on the Park City Council in the November election. He would leave the Planning Commission before taking the City Council seat in early January if he wins. Joyce has regularly expressed concerns with Treasure.


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