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Park City Council Candidate Anne Bransford


The Park Record submitted identical sets of questions to each candidate running for the Park City Council. The questions and the candidates’ answers are printed below.

The Park City Police Department aggressively patrols the roads, pulling over thousands of drivers over the course of a year as the officers attempt to curb speeding and other traffic violations as well as reduce drunken driving. Please discuss the successes or failures of the Police Department’s traffic patrols and whether police resources are best used in that fashion.

There are 31 full time sworn in individuals who work for PCPD. PCPD runs 3 shifts daily. At any given time there are of 2-3 officers patrolling our streets and neighborhoods plus 1 Sgt. and 2 in the office. The notion that 2-3 officers and a Sgt. are aggressively patrolling our streets and neighborhoods doesn’t seem possible given the geography they need to cover.

According to Capt. Phil Kirk at PCPD 2 out of 3 people pulled over for speeding are issued a warning. This allows the officer to reeducate the driver on safety. If a person is pulled over for speeding the officer is able to check paperwork and see if the individual has a warrant out for arrest. This a safety precaution to our community

Chief Carpenter and PCPD are to be commended for their efforts. I would NOT vote for a reduction in force or services provided.

The Park City Council has voted for City Hall raises in recent years, including agreeing to an increase in the salary a City Councilor is paid, even as pay increases have become much rarer in the private sector. Please discuss how you would craft City Hall salaries for both staffers and elected officials. Do you envision regular pay increases at City Hall amid the uncertain economy?

2. The City Council adjusted compensation as follows:

City Council Mayor

FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2011 FY 2012

Wage $11,633 $12486 $23,007 $23,007

Benefits $13,044 $13,881 $13,044


% Increase 6.8% 2.8%

Staff set compensation value at a level equivalent to the average of the top 2-6 benchmarked cities. Council directed staff to set pay for City Manager and City Attorney at 5% below the average of the top 5 cities. Potential salaries for the two positions are $141,415 and $136,225 respectively.

Both increases were offset, the former with money that was put into a travel budget last year in lieu of raises, and the latter with savings from the elimination of a position.

Note: Increases to compensation were deferred for one year.

Challenging times require tough decisions. I support the existing process of compensation. I do NOT support increased compensation for staffers and elected officials amid the uncertain economy.

Development issues in Old Town continue to bedevil City Hall years after heavy investment started in the neighborhood, with property owners generally wanting looser regulations and the preservation community desiring tighter restrictions. Please outline a platform that protects the historic nature of the neighborhood as well as ensuring the rights of property owners.

As a 5th generation property owner I am sensitive to keeping the mining theme and character that my ancestors help create in 1872. Public input, improvement plans and visionary reports have been submitted since 2005 to guide leadership with appropriate development in Park City. There is no Master Plan in place for Old Town. If elected, a Master Plan will be a top priority! Anything short of making a decision to do something or nothing is disruptive in a community.

My recommendation is to use the July 2011 PCHA Improvement Plan as a basis to move forward. Federal funding, grants and corporate sponsorships may be available for some recommendations.

Government went over the top with the Temporary Zoning Ordinance. This regulation stalled real estate transactions in Old Town and divided our community. The government’s role should be more of a facilitator then regulator after a Master Plan is developed.

Park City has a long-running work force housing program, a result of a line of thinking that holds the community is better off if people of varying incomes are able to live within the city limits. Please describe your commitment to City Hall’s work force housing program. Are there additional brick-and-mortar projects you want the municipal government to pursue, or do you envision the days of City Hall work force projects soon being over?

Work force and affordable housing needs to be more precisely defined. Is it-discounted property to purchase, rental apartments or rent to own housing?

The City needs to have a plan and stick with it regarding location and holding the developer’s feet to the fire to be on schedule with completion.

I agree with the need for affordable housing and some priority being given to Public Servants. e.g. PCPD, PCFD and teachers. Possible locations for such housing could be in proposed Bonanza Park, vacant lots in Prospector or near 1500 Kearns Blvd.

The Bonanza Park district centered along Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard is seen as a place of major redevelopment in the coming years. Please discuss your vision for the district and how a redone Bonanza Park would fit with the rest of Park City’s commercial nodes. What danger is there of Bonanza Park siphoning away business from the established districts like Main Street?

My vision would be for Bonanza Park to be a cobblestone tree lined Park with restaurants and retail. It would primarily be restricted to pedestrians. Transportation via bus or trolley could be provided to Old Town.

The selection of tenants for retail should not be a duplication of existing retail is on Main St. e.g. Art galleries.

Park City leaders have for years taken pride in City Hall’s ability to balance the municipal budget without increasing property taxes. Officials have cautioned, though, that a tax increase might be necessary in the coming years, a result of dwindling development-related revenues as well as inflationary pressures. Do you envision a tax increase being necessary during the next City Council term? Please describe what your thought process would be if faced with a decision to raise property taxes.

I support a balanced budget at all costs. A tax increase to primary residents would be my last option as it has been while serving on the Park City School Board. If revenue decreases, expenses must as well. Cost reduction, collaboration with PCSD to reduce insurance costs, legal and H.R. are possible options.

One of my first initiatives would be to audit tax receipts from Summit County and property that is State assessed. e.g. mining claims. Title reports may need to be provided by owners to endure parcels are being assessed properly. The mining claim map created by Mrs. Collier in the late 1800’s is referred to as the Collier Map. It looks likes a jigsaw puzzle. It has always been belief that many mining claims have fallen through the cracks or are not accurately assessed. It is quite possible that the City could realize a windfall on back taxes.

City Hall and the Sweeney family are continuing negotiations in hopes of striking an agreement for the Treasure land that would protect some or all of the acreage from development. Please discuss your preferred solution to the Treasure question. In your answer, please describe your opinion of the overarching idea of a ballot measure to finance a Treasure conservation deal.

First of all, I do not support a bond to buy down density. I first met Mike Sweeney over 2 decades ago when the Town Bridge was on the drawing board. The Sweeney family has been part of the Old Town fabric for generations. They were given approval on a project and now the rules have changed for development. Their patience is admirable, and there is a solution out there somewhere. I believe the density could be reduced and it would be better suited at all levels if it where to be moved closer to PCMR and Bamberger property. Once again this is a case of the process needing to move forward more swiftly at City Hall. Staff and Planning Commission should settle lingering project and bring a recommendation to City Council by March 31, 2012.

The national economic uncertainty wrought by the recession persists, even as Park City has enjoyed a bounce over the past year. Please discuss your overall outlook for the Park City economy. What measures could City Hall take to ensure the city’s economy does not retreat from the gains since the depths of the recession?

I do not have a crystal ball, yet I think the Park City economy will have a solid winter with the recent Ski Magazine rankings of Deer Valley #1 and PCMR #1 Family Resort. We may want to begin thinking about a way to capitalize on visitors. e.g. bus fee, visitor fee.

There has been talk of making Park City an IT Nexus. PCSD has been in dialog with individuals who can make this happen. A state of the art recording studio has been discussed. Both would beneficial to the community in terms of generating revenue. We should entice companies similar to Rosignol, and Skullcandy to locate to Park City. There is commercial space available in Park City proper that would not require a huge footprint.

Please differentiate yourself from your opponents.

Only candidate born and raised in Utah. Utah resident for 30 years.

Only candidate who is a 5th generation property owner in Park City. My great, great grandparents lived on Woodside Ave.

Only candidate who brought three children to Park City 12 years ago and raised them as a single parent. All have attended Park City Public Schools.

Only candidate who learned to ski at Treasure Mountain in 1963, now PCMR.

Only candidate who first learned the Park City Planning process in 1991 by being involved in the largest and most complicated Development Project in Park City’s history, Flagstaff.

Only candidate who understands RE and has a sold Real Estate in Park City in the past decade.

Only candidate, who currently reviews, adjusts and approves an operating budget of $40M+ annually.

The only candidate that will put talk into action at City Hall as I have in the school district.

I am the BEST candidate for City Council that can represent and advocate for ALL families and neighborhoods in Park City. I want to provide job opportunities, economic development and stability for my children and yours to be able to return to their hometown and work and live comfortably.

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