Park City critic of Old Town housing project considers appeal of ‘Yea’ vote |

Park City critic of Old Town housing project considers appeal of ‘Yea’ vote

Park City wants to build a second phase of workforce or otherwise restricted housing in Woodside Park and has received criticism about the size of the project.
Courtesy of Park City Municipal Corp.

A critic of a City Hall workforce or otherwise affordable housing project in Old Town said he is considering an appeal of the Park City Planning Commission’s approval of the development.

Doug Lee indicated shortly after the Planning Commission vote on Wednesday he would weigh whether to file an appeal. He did not provide details. Lee’s family owns a house on Empire Avenue close to the location where City Hall wants to build a second phase of Woodside Park housing.

The project involves 58 units — a combination of townhouses and condominiums — stretching across the 1300 blocks of Empire Avenue, Woodside Avenue and Norfolk Avenue. The Planning Commission on Wednesday cast three votes in favor of the project — two of them outright approvals and the third a positive recommendation to the Park City Council.

Lee testified at the meeting on Wednesday, describing himself as a supporter of City Hall’s overall housing efforts. He is concerned about the project details rather than the ideals underpinning the development.

Appeals of Planning Commission votes typically are heard by the City Council. Since the second phase of Woodside Park is a municipal project endorsed by the City Council, though, an appeal would be processed differently.

If someone files an appeal of the Planning Commission approval of the master-planned development or the approval of the conditional-use permit, the City Council would decide whether to put the appeal to a City Hall panel called the Board of Adjustment or seat a three-person panel to hear the appeal. The City Council would appoint the three people on an appeal panel. The elected officials also appoint members of the Board of Adjustment.

The other Planning Commission vote on Wednesday involved forwarding a plat amendment to the City Council with a positive recommendation. Any appeal of the plat amendment would not occur until after the City Council vote. Appeals of plat amendments are filed in district court.

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