Park City deploys dump trucks in major snow-hauling operation |

Park City deploys dump trucks in major snow-hauling operation

A dump truck leaves a load of snow on City Hall land off Quinn’s Junction as heavy machinery starts to smooth out the snow midday on Thursday, part of a hauling operation necessitated by the heavy snow recently. The operation involves 12 dump trucks and is expected to continue over the weekend.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

Forecasters may measure snow in inches or feet.

Troy Dayley, though, measures the white stuff in dump truck loads.

Dayley, who is the streets manager for City Hall, and his crews have been jammed over the past week as the snow persisted. The snowplowing efforts are critical as the snow falls, but the cleanup afterward is also important in a community with tightly packed streets like those in Old Town.

The plows pushed the snow to the edges of the roads, but it is only later that the snow is removed from the roadsides. The removal, accomplished through a hauling operation, is another important step.

The piles on the sides of the roads essentially narrow the width of the street, making it impossible for two cars to pass each other in different directions on some streets in Old Town. The snow hauling is designed to widen the available road.

“It gets more and more challenging,” Dayley said on Thursday, as the crews were continuing the hauling operation.

Dayley explained the work is more difficult nowadays as a result of growth and, over time, the increase in Park City’s busyness.

The hauling operation involves 12 dump trucks and heavy machinery in addition to the snowplows themselves. The plows move the snow to the sides of the road. The heavy machinery and dump trucks follow later. The heavy machinery loads the dump trucks with snow to be carried out of the neighborhoods. The dump trucks haul the snow to City Hall-owned land off Quinn’s Junction close to the sports complex.

Between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Thursday, according to Dayley, the hauling operation moved to Main Street. He said the snow on Main Street filled approximately 100 dump trucks. Another approximately 60 loads were removed from Swede Alley, he said. The Park City Police Department stationed officers on Main Street as the heavy machinery operators worked at 9 a.m.

Crews of approximately eight people worked shifts of between 12 hours and 14 hours during the haul. The dump trucks left Old Town toward Quinn’s Junction on S.R. 248. Once they arrived at the City Hall land, the dump trucks backed up toward a giant pile of snow, lifted the bed and released the snow onto the pile. They left within a minute or so as the operation continued. A heavy machinery operator was stationed on the pile to start smoothing out the snow.

The hauling is scheduled to continue over the weekend. Dayley said the plans call for the crews to work on the Prospector business district and cul-de-sacs in Prospector on Saturday. Dayley hopes Park City residents move parked vehicles off of the roads that are scheduled for hauling operations until the street is cleared. The crews post signs indicating when a hauling operation is scheduled.

The snowfall started in earnest last weekend, as the Sundance Film Festival ended, and continued through the middle of the week as the FIS World Championships in freestyle unfolded in Park City. The National Weather Service forecasts the snow to continue through the middle of next week.

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