Park City developer dismantles highly visible crane |

Park City developer dismantles highly visible crane

The One Empire Pass developer needed to put up a crane to dismantle another crane that has been at the location since September of 2016.

A developer in Deer Valley early in the week continued to dismantle a large crane that was visible from points in Old Town.

East West Partners used the crane during the construction of a 27-unit condominium project in Empire Pass, called One Empire Pass. Bill Fiveash, a representative of the developer, said a majority of the exterior work is completed, allowing the crews to dismantle and remove the crane, which was approximately 85 to 100 feet tall. The construction team erected the crane in September of 2016.

Another crane was needed to dismantle the one that had been there. East West Partners anticipated the dismantling would be completed on Tuesday.

The crane had been visible from various locations in Old Town looking southward, including along Main Street.