Park City district plays Santa for subs |

Park City district plays Santa for subs

Frank Fisher, of the Record staff

When substitute teachers begin the new year in Park City School district classrooms, they will find a pay raise that betters those of other Summit County districts and is higher than most districts in the state.

Licensed teachers will receive $95 per day, up from $75 daily last year. Teachers without a valid teaching license will receive $85 per day, compared with $65 last year.

Long-term substitutes, who teach at least 15 school days in the same teaching assignment, will receive $110 per day for licensed and $100 for non-licensed teachers, compared with $90 and $80 per day respectively last year. Long-term substitute teachers are expected to develop lesson plans, give tests and issue grades and report cards, etc, according to the district.

The district is sweetening the pot to attract more out-of-town substitutes and substitutes who might otherwise take on ski-resort jobs that pay more.

Tim McConnell, the director of Human Resources for the district, said, "Unemployment is low, and we have a smaller pool from which to draw."

"It was getting more difficult having a pool of substitutes in adequate numbers on a daily basis," McConnell said of the 2006-07 school year. "A full-time teacher unable to work would call the district to get coverage for their classes. When there were not enough substitutes to go around, the school scrambled. This was a frequent issue at the secondary level. Often, other teachers would have to cover for the absent teacher during what would otherwise be their prep time."

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He said, besides the raise in pay, substitute teachers have a lot of flexibility when they want to teach, what grade levels they want to teach, and what subjects they want to teach. Every morning they are called, they have the right to accept or refuse a prospective assignment. But, that in itself did not attract sufficient numbers of applicants in previous years, McConnell said.

"We determined a dollar amount over and above what surrounding districts were paying," said McConnell. "When we asked Patty Murphy (the district business administrator) if we could afford the increase, her answer was, ‘yes.’" The district board approved the pay raise.

McConnell said the pay increase was in place during the last five weeks of the 2006-70 school year, although it officially took effect June 1.

Ray Timothy, the Park City School District superintendent sayss there will be few takers from the Salt Lake Valley. "I would like to hope people in Salt Lake would be on call to come up one day at a time, but in reality, I don’t think that will attract a lot of people. "I see our attracting mostly people from Summit County."

Comparatively, North Summit School District pays substitutes $60 per day for licensed, and $55 per day for non licensed teachers, according to Greg Johansen, the district business administrator. Substitutes working six-10 days straight earn $10 extra per day, and 11-15 days straight earns them $15 per day above the normal rate.

The South Summit School District pays $65 per day for licensed and $55 per day for non licensed substitutes, said Diane Atkinson, the district business secretary.

McConnell said now is a good time for prospective substitutes to apply, as the first training session is tentatively planned for Aug. 6. He said a background check is done on all applicants and said that the sooner an applicant provides three to five references, the sooner that person will be reviewed.

"We’re looking for people who are positive and energetic, like to work with kids, and can follow lesson plans," McConnell said. "Ideally we want someone who understands the routine of being a sub. We are hoping with the increase in pay, substitute teaching will be attractive to those people."

For more information, contact Human Resource Director Nancy Hilton at 645-5600, or at