Park City frozen yogurt fans tip generously after Yodipity cash taken |

Park City frozen yogurt fans tip generously after Yodipity cash taken

Joe Kim and Suanne Kim, members of the family that owns the Yodipity frozen yogurt store in Park City, have watched the tip cup fill in recent days after a tip jar disappeared. Joe Kim says customers left between $150 and $200 over the course of two or three days, much more than is typical. The Park City Police Department continues to investigate the disappearance of the tip jar.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

A Park City frozen yogurt store has enjoyed a sweet surprise since someone stole the tip jar.

In the days after the disappearance of the jar was publicized, customers left the workers at Yodipity much more money in tips than they typically would, the store said on Monday.

Joe Kim, whose family owns Yodipity, said in an interview customers left between $150 and $200 in tips over the course of two or three days after Parkites learned of the loss of the tip jar. He said perhaps $50 would have been left in tips in a typical stretch of two or three days.

Customers were aware of the loss of the tip jar, Kim said, explaining the people leaving tips since then want to show “compassion and love.”

“It just, honestly, made me feel warm and fuzzy, all mushy … knowing that people care about other people,” Kim said.

He said customers have told the workers they were sorry the tip jar was swiped and that the staffers at Yodipity work hard. The comments have been genuine, he said.

The Police Department received the report about the missing tip jar on the afternoon of Feb. 19. The police said a surveillance camera captured images of the person taking the jar, which looked like a pineapple. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said shortly afterward the case was “pretty callous.” Kim at that time was also unhappy with the disappearance, saying it was not fair that someone took his “hard-working money.”

Yodipity said the tip jar contained between $35 and $50 when it was taken. The store replaced the jar with a cup for tips shortly after the disappearance. The cup was labeled the “Good Karma Jar.”

Yodipity is located inside The Market at Park City and is under different ownership than the grocery store.

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