Park City Gallery Association gallery stroll on Nov. 26 |

Park City Gallery Association gallery stroll on Nov. 26

Connie Katz, owner of the Coda Gallery and one of the organizers of the Park City Gallery Association, said the monthly Gallery Stroll, taking place Friday, Nov. 26, is not about Main Street.

"Most of the galleries involved with the stroll are on Main Street, but really this is about the art in Park City and around the area," Katz said during an interview with The Park Record. "The stroll is just a little part of the art here. And while we want to become one of the best gallery strolls in the country, we want Park City to become a true art destination."

Katz also said the gallery stroll is a good vehicle to benefit Park City’s economy.

"Friday nights, there are hundreds of people out and about," she said. "And they go eat before or after they stroll. That’s a big draw that helps Park City in general.

"People need to know that there are a lot of visitors who don’t ski, who come visit Park City to do other things."

That’s why she helped revamp the Park City Gallery Association two and a half years ago.

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"Before we took over the association, there was an admission to the Gallery Stroll," Katz said. "So we did away with that when we changed things, and began encouraging other galleries throughout the area to get involved."

Katz, who has been involved with visual arts for 24 years, said it is important for arts organizations to support each other.

"The support allows us all to keep motoring," she said. "With the way the recession has been going, we’re actually doing pretty well. And it’s because we help each other.

"The art market is suffering all over the country and every little bit helps," she said.

The Park City Gallery Association membership includes 20 galleries, including the Coda, Lanny Barnard, Mountain Trails, Old Towne Gallery, Thomas Kearns McCarthey, Images of Nature, Fatali, Meyer and the Terzian Galleries, which are all found on Main Street.

Galleries such as Spiro Arts, Julie Nester Gallery, District Gallery and the Red Stone Gallery are located "off-Main Street," but are valuable in the association’s mission to expose as many people as possible to art.

"It’s important for them to be a part of the association," Katz said. "They all are important in bringing art to people."

Other Main Street galleries include Montgomery-Lee Fine Art, Thomas Anthony, Gallery MAR, Kimball Art Center, Silver Queen Fine Art, Dancing Hands and the Museum of Photography.

"We are so happy they all want to be a part of the association," she said. "We strive hard to come together, to help each other."

Each gallery pays a yearly fee of $1,000 that helps with advertising, brochures and other benefits, Katz said.

"I’m a budgeter," she said. "I like to wriggle it around and smash it."

Some of that wriggling has helped create new brochures, and has allowed the association to place ads in magazines such as Southwest Art and Park City Magazine, Katz said.

"We also are trying to get mentioned in the national magazines as one of the best gallery strolls in the nation," she said.

While money management is a benefit of the association, Katz said it’s also an arts support group.

"It makes a difference," she said. "I think it’s important to have this feeling of unity, especially in the arts community.

"I love art. I love teamwork. And I like bringing teams together. I love Park City. Every time I’m getting off work, even if it’s 11 p.m., I drive up and down Main Street. I love it. It’s a town where you can get involved with anything you put your mind to."

The Park City Gallery Association’s free monthly gallery stroll run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 29.