Park City Golf Club raises greens fees slightly |

Park City Golf Club raises greens fees slightly

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

The municipal Park City Golf Club will up its rates slightly in 2012, charging people who are considered to be local another 50 cents for nine holes of golf.

Craig Sanchez, who manages the golf course, outlined the increase in a recent report to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council.

People considered to be local must live within the boundaries of the Park City School District or own property there. The School District boundaries generally cover Park City and the Snyderville Basin.

The increased prices include:

  • $16.50 for a resident playing nine holes, up 50 cents.
  • $33 for a resident playing 18 holes, up $1
  • $24 for a resident playing nine holes with a golf cart, up from $23
  • $48 for a resident playing 18 holes with a golf cart, up from $46

    The prices for people considered to be nonresidents, which are higher than the resident prices, will also increase. Some of the increased prices for nonresidents include $22.50 for nine holes, which is up $1, and $60 for 18 holes with a cart, an increase of $3.

    The Sanchez report indicated Park City’s prices are well below those charged at golf courses with public access in other mountain resorts like Aspen, Colo., Vail, Colo., Jackson, Wyo., and Sun Valley, Idaho. The local course’s rates for residents, meanwhile, are within the range of other courses in the surrounding area, in places like the Salt Lake Valley and Wasatch County. The nonresident rate at the Park City Golf Club is on the "high side" when compared to other courses in the area, the report acknowledged.

    The report to the elected officials indicated the increases are needed to pay for capital projects and purchases. It said the Golf Club would bring in an additional $39,000, based on the number of rounds played in 2011.

    Projects or purchases anticipated in 2012 include replacing the fleet of greens mowers with hybrid mowers, which are expected to save the Golf Club 56 percent on fuel, according to the report. The Golf Club also wants to replace the golf shop carpet, which was put in just after the 2002 Winter Olympics.

    Meanwhile, the Golf Club wants to replace the fleet of golf carts at a price of no greater than $212,000.