Park City golfers drive away as moose briskly follows on fairway (w/video) |

Park City golfers drive away as moose briskly follows on fairway (w/video)

There were likely some birdies, even some eagles, at the Park City Golf Club on Monday as players enjoyed the end of the three-day holiday weekend.

But there was definitely a moose.

The animal was spotted on holes four, five and six, the assistant pro at the club, Shawn Andreason, said. The moose, described as young, was one of several seen at or close to the course recently.

Andreason said a cow moose and two calves as well as another cow and calf have been reported.

“Usually it’s just hanging out, eating trees, laying down,” he said, describing that the one seen on Monday was acting differently. “This one sounds like it’s pretty aggressive.”

Golfers typically work around the animals as they play on.

“You just kind of wait and be patient. … You just let it do its thing,” he said.

The moose on Monday caught the attention of golfers and people in at least one residence just off the course. In a rare episode in Park City, the moose was seen trotting at a brisk pace as golfers riding in a cart appeared to drive away in an effort to elude the animal.

A Park City visitor staying at a family house nearby the golf course recorded a brief video of the encounter. The video shows the moose seeming to tail the golf cart as the driver moved down a fairway. It continues to follow the cart before stopping as the vehicle leaves the screen. The animal remains close to a sand trap as the 45-second video ends.

Emily Clearwater, who lives in Phoenix and was visiting family in Park City, said the moose was seen at approximately 11 a.m. She shot the footage from a back patio. She looked up and saw the moose on the fairway. It was the first time she has seen a moose from the house. Clearwater said the golfers also saw the animal and hopped into the cart.

“They saw the moose coming at them, got in the cart as quickly as they could,” she said.

They left the golf balls on the fairway and returned to play several minutes later, after the moose left the immediate area.

“The moose was following them but did not seem to be actively chasing them,” Clearwater said.

Moose sightings are common in Park City, but it is rare for one to be seen seeming to tail a person or a vehicle. The Park City Police Department regularly receives reports of moose sightings. The department said it did not immediately field a complaint about the moose on the golf course on Monday, though.

The police received at least two moose reports in the final 10 days of May, including one on the 1300 block of Lowell Avenue on May 21 at 7:38 p.m. The animal appeared to have a broken leg, the police were told. On May 26 at 4:25 p.m., meanwhile, two moose were seen in the vicinity of Bonanza Drive as it passes the Rail Trail. The police were told the moose were close to two buildings. It appeared they were “pinned,” the person who contacted the Police Department said, according to department logs.

The Police Department in the middle of May fielded several moose reports, including one at Rotary Park in Thaynes Canyon. Rotary Park does not abut the golf course, but it is across the street from part of the links. Other recent reports involved moose on Prospector Avenue and Kearns Boulevard. Police officers typically attempt to keep pedestrians and drivers away from moose as they wait for them to move back toward the unpopulated open spaces in and around Park City.

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