Park City hotel suffers extensive damage as water line breaks |

Park City hotel suffers extensive damage as water line breaks

A water-line break at the Silver King Hotel on Thursday required heavy machinery as crews responded to stop the flooding and repair the line. A pressure surge in the municipal water system likely broke the line, a Park City official says.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

A water line at the Silver King Hotel broke in the early morning hours of Thursday, causing extensive flooding at the property, a Park City official said.

Clint McAffee, the public utilities director, said the water line connects to the municipal system. He said there was a “slight pressure surge” in the municipal system that lasted approximately five minutes just before the break at the hotel. The pressure surge likely broke the Silver King Hotel line, McAffee said, describing the hotel’s line as apparently having corroded over the years.

The water line at the hotel serves a firefighting sprinkler system, he said.

The water seeped from a floor at the hotel into the garage, he said. McCaffee said there were no reports of injuries. Approximately 100,000 gallons leaked, he said.

Crews with heavy machinery and pumps were at the hotel on Thursday morning starting the cleanup. Standing water remained outside the hotel as they worked.

Information from the hotel was not immediately available.

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