Park City idling case: ‘the fumes are flooding into the apartments’ |

Park City idling case: ‘the fumes are flooding into the apartments’

The Park City Police Department last week responded to at least two cases involving complaints of idling vehicles, a practice that is prohibited in the community.

In one of the cases, reported on Thursday, Nov. 7, a truck was reportedly in a location somewhere along Bonanza Drive for upward of two hours. The police were told “the fumes are flooding into the apartments.” The Police Department logged the case as a suspected violation of City Hall’s rules against idling.

On Saturday, Nov. 9 at 1:04 p.m., a vehicle was reported to be idling for 15 minutes on Main Street. On Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 8:10 a.m., meanwhile, the police logged a case that may have involved idling on Meadows Drive. Public police logs also classified the case as a parking problem, though.

Park City prohibits idling in most cases for longer than one minute. There are a series of exceptions to the one-minute limit, including if a vehicle is stuck in traffic, the health or safety of people inside necessitates idling and if idling is needed to repair or inspect a vehicle. There is also an exception to defrost windows.

Park City enacted the idling prohibition as part of the municipal government’s wide-ranging environmental programs. The Police Department, though, regularly receives complaints about vehicle idling during the cold-weather months.

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