Park City isn’t supposed to be a free-for-all during Sundance |

Park City isn’t supposed to be a free-for-all during Sundance


Main Street might look like a free-for-all during the Sundance Film Festival.

But it is not supposed to be.

City Hall regulations cover many of the goings-on seen on or close to Main Street during the festival. There are rule-breakers every year, though, even as Park City officials attempt to widely publicize what is allowed and what is not.

Some of the rules include:

  • a prohibition on putting up posters, handbills or stickers on public property other than the designated boards put up along Main Street
  • a prohibition on distributing handbills or other promotional materials like fliers in public places like the Main Street sidewalk
  • a prohibition on hanging signs or banners on buildings
  • a law against giving out promotional materials like fliers from a vehicle
  • a prohibition on showing movies inside a vehicle
  • a law against using megaphones or speakers
  • a restriction on Main Street parking for vehicles that extend to more than 26 feet in length. They cannot taller than eight feet, either. They must park elsewhere.

    City Hall also tightly regulates business activity. The municipal government requires licenses for many sorts of setups, including gifting and hospitality suites. Municipal rules prohibit people from renting houses or condominiums for corporate activities.

    Street musicians must obtain licenses from City Hall. A license costs $5 per day. Others who must obtain the licenses include pantomime artists, magicians and dancers if they expect to be seek donations. Amplified music is not allowed.

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    More information is available on City Hall’s website, Select the ‘Living Here’ button on the front page, then ‘Special Events & Facilities’ and then ‘Sundance Film Festival.’