Park City Jeep welcomes new owner |

Park City Jeep welcomes new owner

Kelly Evertsen, Of the Record Staff

Robert Barrus, the new owner of Park City Jeep, says he is committed to providing the best possible service for Park City customers.

"We are committed to customer satisfaction to a higher degree," he said. "We want to keep our customer-base loyal and keep them coming back. And we have the team to do it."

Barrus of Utah County changed the name of the previous John Meecham and Legacy Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealership on Rasmussen Road to "Park City Jeep" when he became the new owner. The company recently hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where the Park City Chamber/Bureau welcomed the new business to the community. Barrus said he knows what Parkites are looking for in a quality car and hopes to keep Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge sales in Park City in order to improve the economy and keep drivers safe and satisfied.

"Fifty percent of [Parkites] buy cars in Salt Lake City and we want to put that back into the community," said Glenn Stone, general manager of Park City Jeep. "Taxes are 6.3 percent in Park City and 6.7 percent in Salt Lake City."

Barrus reminds Park City drivers that Park City Jeep sells cars for the same prices as Salt Lake dealerships.

"We’re buying from the same manufacturer," Barrus said. "We get the vehicles at the same price and we’ll be just as competitive

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as anyone in the U.S."

The Park City Chamber/Bureau reports that sales tax revenue from car sales in Park City help to support the funding of trails, parks and the free transit system in town. Auto sales generate almost $2 million in taxes each year in Park City.

"People want to keep the money up here," Barrus said. "They truly are loyal to Park City. That’s why we changed [the name] to Park City Jeep."

Barrus adds that, because there are so many outdoor enthusiasts in Park City, the local auto retailers know what their buyers are looking for.

"You can’t buy a car in a better environment," Barrus said. "These vehicles fit the lifestyle of Park City."

He talked about some of the latest Jeep and Chrysler models coming out, as well as Chrysler’s recent redistribution of owners.

Barrus also said the Dodge diesel truck is a popular vehicle in Park City.

"Trucks come down to personal taste," Barrus said. "You can’t buy a bad truck."

He said the new Dodge truck, coming out this summer, has better ride comfort and quality and an improved interior design, as well as a new 5-link suspension. It also has "soft-touch" in the interior, he said.

"The ride quality will be superior," Barrus said.

Stone said the dealership sells a lot of trucks in town.

"Sometimes it’s overwhelming how many trucks are sold," Stone said.

Barrus also spoke about the new management at Chrysler Corporate making major improvements to the car company.

"There’s three different presidents on board," Barrus said of Chrysler Corporate. "They hired the president of Home Depot, the [previous] president of Toyota and the [old] president of Chrysler. Chrysler is committed to being the lead auto maker."

Barrus said Chrysler’s new ad slogan is "It’s a new day," and said the company is coming out with various hybrid vehicles this fall, including dual-mode hybrid SUVs and trucks.

"They’re going to have a presence," he said of Chrysler.

Barrus said, since becoming the new owner of Park City Jeep, he has focused on improving the training of his staff to make sure his customers are always satisfied.

"Whether you’re buying or servicing, we want you to have the best experience possible," he said. "We know we’re not going to be perfect. But, if for some reason they are not 100 percent satisfied, we want them to come talk to management. You can’t satisfy everybody, but we’re doing all we can."

Barrus, who grew up in Utah County, plans to move to Park City with his family soon. He previously worked in real estate planning and developing, but said he has always loved cars. That’s what drove him into the car industry. He purchased his first dealership in Arizona and then came to Park City.

He said he is excited to be in Park City and looks forward to getting to know the community better.

"I’ve jumped into this head first and I’m loving it," Barrus said of his new trade.

Park City Jeep has partnerships with Rossignol, Oakley and The Canyons. It also sponsors the Park City Snowboard Team and the National Ability Center. Barrus also supports a road bike race team that competes in the Intermountain West. It was previously called the Sienna Development Race Team, but the name has now been changed to the Park City Jeep Race Team.

"They are the No. 1 road bike race team in Utah," Barrus brags.

Barrus plans to host a fundraiser, with the goal of raising $50,000 for the National Ability Center with the Park City Jeep Race Team. He is encouraging locals to participate in the races to support the fundraiser.

Park City Jeep is located at 2700 Rasmussen Road at Kimball Junction. For more information, visit or call (435) 940-9999.