Park City Library: ticket and tow enforced |

Park City Library: ticket and tow enforced

A sign outside the Park City Library informs drivers of restrictions in the parking lot. Three-hour time limits were instituted in the library lot and a parking lot across Park Avenue alongside a revamped paid-parking system in the Main Street core.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

Park City in recent weeks has typically ticketed several vehicles per day after they were left parked outside the municipal library or a parking lot across the street from the library as City Hall continues enforcement associated with a revamped paid-parking system that debuted in December.

The time limit is three hours outside the library and at the Mawhinney lot across Park Avenue from the library. The time limits were instituted alongside the paid-parking system. There is concern about people who work on Main Street leaving their vehicles in one of the two lots and then walking or taking a bus to their place of employment to avoid needing to pay for parking in the Main Street core. The worker vehicles would occupy spots that otherwise could be used by library patrons or City Park-goers, officials say.

People headed to Park City Mountain Resort have also left vehicles in the lot, and some others have kept their cars overnight.

A sign outside the library notes the parking there is dedicated for patrons. It also says vehicles in the lot could be ticketed or towed. Library patrons are able to park for longer than three hours but need to inform a librarian.

City Hall says no vehicles have been towed from outside the library or the Mawhinney lot as a result of a violation of the restrictions.