Park City Main Street Deli owners recall visits from Bill Clinton |

Park City Main Street Deli owners recall visits from Bill Clinton

He went to the restaurant twice during his second term in White House

The former President Bill Clinton visited Main Street Deli both times he visited Park City in the late 90s. (Tanzi Propst/Park Record)

The Main Street Deli has long been popular with tourists visiting Park City.

In the late 1990s, one tourist caused a stir when he stopped by.

Bill Clinton twice visited Park City during his second term in the White House and went to the restaurant on both trips. The presidential vacations to Park City in 1998 and 1999 garnered widespread publicity in the state, and many pictures of Clinton showed the Main Street Deli prominently in the background.

Mike Lindbloom, who owns the restaurant with his wife, on Monday recalled Clinton was on his way to the airport both times he stopped at the Main Street Deli. On the second trip, Lindbloom said, he spoke to the president for 10 minutes or so.

Lindbloom said the conversation touched on topics like telecommuting and its effects on someone’s ability to live in Park City and work elsewhere. They also spoke about their daughters and golf, Lindbloom said.

“It was just like talking to a customer . . . He made you feel relaxed,” he said.

During the 1999 visit to the Main Street Deli, staffers gave Clinton a cup of decaffeinated coffee and a serving of peach frozen yogurt on the house.

“I said ‘No, I’ll buy that. The economy’s good.’ He ate the whole thing here and we just talked,” Lindbloom told The Park Record just after the president stopped in, adding that the two mentioned skiing and Park City’s summertime draws.

Lindbloom also said at the time he suggested Clinton should come to Park City to golf in the summer since “at 7,000 feet you can drive a golf ball.”