Park City Museum celebrates history of Bogner ski fashion |

Park City Museum celebrates history of Bogner ski fashion

Each year, the Park City Museum makes room to accommodate tenants during the Sundance Film Festival by removing the vintage fire truck from the front window display.

doing that, the museum leaves a large empty space for the few weeks that lead up to the festival.

So, this year, the museum’s board of directors came up with the idea to fill the area with a winter-clothing exhibit and contacted Cole Sport for help, said museum executive director Sandra Morrison.

"Kathy Burke, who is the apparel buyer for Cole Sport, went to Munich, Germany, and saw a huge exhibit of all these winter clothes Bogner, one of the pioneering companies in ski wear, had designed over the past eight decades," Morrison said. "She said that she would see if she arrange to get some of the clothing for a display."

The result is the "80 Years of Sport in Style" exhibit that will be at the Park City Museum until Monday, Jan. 14.

"Bogner has designed the German Olympic Ski Team outfits since 1936 and we were able to get some of the designs from the 2002, which, of course, was the year the Olympics came to Park City," Morrison said. "It was perfect timing for us and it’s fun to have a display about skiing and ski clothing while visitors are here for winter activities."

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Burke, who has been with Cole Sport for since 1990, said there were parameters of what the exhibit should entail.

"We felt it required some sort of historical lineage to skiing and the ski industry," she said.

Burke came up with an idea that came from her time at the ISPO Munich winter sports trade show last year.

The show, which has been around since 1970, featured more than 2,000 international exhibitors that present their new ski, action and performance sport goods to more than 80,000 visitors from 100 countries, Burke said.

"Last year, Bogner, who is one of our suppliers, showed their Heritage Collection to celebrate the company’s 80 years in ski fashion, and it so happened that it coincided with Cole Sport’s 30th anniversary," she said. "I had this idea that we could pay tribute to ski fashion with a display and tie it in with Bogner and Gary and Jana Cole."

The Munich show displayed historic outfits that served as inspiration for the company’s Heritage Collection that was created last year.

"They had all these mannequins set up in pairs that showed the old and new fashions side by side," Burke explained.

While the ISPO display reached back eight decades, the items that are showing at the Park City Museum are from the 1950s to the present, she said.

"We had an idea of what we wanted to display and knew we wanted to have an exhibit that would tie into the 2002 Olympics as well as some of the vintage and heritage collections," Burke said.

The concept for the museum exhibit was pieced together a month before it opened just before Christmas.

"For us to come up with the concept four weeks before it needed to be installed was quite a last-minute endeavor," Burke said with a laugh. "I contacted Bogner about it and asked if it would be possible.

"They said it would and went through their museum in Munich, pulled everything together and sent it over," she said. "It worked beautifully and has been very well received."

In addition to the ski and après ski outfits that include coats, jumpsuits and boots, the exhibit also features a documentary film about Willy Bogner, Jr., who inherited the company from his father.

The film, which is in German and is subtitled, plays on a small monitor adjacent to the exhibit.

"It talks about Willy’s life and tells about how he is a former alpine ski racer who also loves photography and cinematography," Burke said. "In fact, he is known for filming the ski scenes in the James Bond movies."

Morrison said the exhibit has already elicited some feedback.

"I think what draws people to this display is their own experience in ski fashion," she said. "A lot of people who visit our museum have been skiing for most of their lives and they like the fact that we have a one-piece, pink ski suit and leather boots in the window. It has evoked a lot of memories for people like them.

"For the newer skiers, the exhibit is a reminder to them about how long the sport has been around," she said.

Bogner’s "80 Years of Sport in Style" will be on display at the Park City Museum, 528 Main St., until Monday, Jan. 14. Museum admission is $10 for adults, $8 for senior citizens, students and military personnel and $5 for children ages seven through 17. Children ages six and younger are free. The Park City Museum is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Sundays from noon until 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.