Park City Museum loves volunteers |

Park City Museum loves volunteers

With four full-time employees and a calendar chock full of events, the Park City Museum needs volunteers to ensure guests experience a satisfying and informative visit, said Jenette Purdy, the museum’s education curator.

"We literally wouldn’t be able to do everything that is scheduled on our calendar or maintain the exhibits and our collections without our volunteers," she added. "In addition to being instrumental in bringing about this new museum, in and about itself, volunteers also run our programs."

Some of the programs include guiding tours inside the museum and walking tours of Main Street.

"They also help with our educational programs," she said. "Sometimes we have a lot of kids come through here and need volunteers to help with organizing activities for them."

In addition, the museum schedules special events throughout the year, such as the upcoming "50s Family Fun Night," on March 10, which will give visitors and their children a chance to do some arts and crafts that were popular during the 1950s.

Volunteers also help with special events that happen once a year such as the "Halloween at the Glenwood" program, where they dress up in 19th-century costumes and act out the lives of the deceased who are buried in the Glenwood Cemetery, Purdy said.

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"We’re always looking for extra help in our museum store," she said.

While most of the aforementioned duties involve working directly with the public, the museum does offer some behind-the-scenes opportunities, Purdy said.

"We are still collecting items from Park City’s history and need help cataloging and organizing those artifacts," she said. "We also need some help scanning various photos for our collections and we always like extra people working with our traveling exhibits."

Prospective volunteers don’t have to have a deep knowledge of Park City to volunteer at the museum, Purdy explained.

"I always say if someone has a love for Park City and its history, that’s enough to get started," she said. "We have a lot of information people can read and things that they can study to help, but the basic interest of sharing and learning history is probably more important than knowing every little fact about Park City."

Park City Museum volunteers are usually adults, Purdy said. "But I am interested in specifically expanding into teen involvement at the museum. So, I would say we welcome all responsible ages, from 14 years old and older, to volunteer. Of course, minors will have to have parental consent."

Volunteer schedules vary from season to season and person to person, Purdy said.

"We have who volunteers come in every week, on a regular schedule," she said. "Some we see seasonally in the winter or the summer, and that’s fine because we have seasonal activities and always need help."

On Tuesday, March 8, the Park City Museum will hold a Welcome Back/Orientation for volunteers, Purdy announced.

"The event serves two purposes," she said. "First it welcomes back volunteers who have worked with us in the past. Secondly, it’s an orientation that welcomes new volunteers."

Also, if potential volunteers miss the March 8 event, they can always call Purdy for volunteer information.

"We do have an application we like them to fill out," she said. "It’s not a job application. It just gives me an idea of how to find jobs that align with their interests."

The Park City Museum Volunteer Welcome Back/Orientation will be held at the museum, 528 Main Street, on Tuesday, March 8, at 10 a.m. Anyone interested in volunteering can also contact Jenette Purdy at (435) 649-7457 ext. 5102 or at,