Park City police field report of possible bobcat sighting |

Park City police field report of possible bobcat sighting

An animal appearing to be a bobcat was seen on a surveillance camera in the Solamere neighborhood on Saturday, Feb. 24, the Park City Police Department said.

The report was logged at 7:42 p.m. on Oak Wood Court. The person who filed the report was not home at the time and told the police an animal was seen on the surveillance three times. The person told the police the animal looked like a bobcat. It was “just walking around the property,” the person said, according to Police Department logs.

Public police logs did not provide details.

The Feb. 24 report followed a little more than three weeks after a bobcat was seen on Mellow Mountain Road. Oak Wood Court and Mellow Mountain Road are not adjacent streets, but they are roughly in the same area of Park City with open land in the vicinity of both streets. The earlier case, reported Jan. 31, involved a bobcat that was seen protecting a deer carcass behind a house and close to a trail. The bobcat had consumed part of the deer, a Mellow Mountain Road resident who saw the scene said.

A range of wildlife lives in the Park City area, including moose, elk and deer. Predators like bobcats and mountain lions also are present.

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