Park City police: man had crack cocaine when arrested after scuffle |

Park City police: man had crack cocaine when arrested after scuffle


A scuffle in a Main Street nightclub led to the arrest of a man on drug charges, the Park City Police Department said, claiming that he had a substance believed to be crack cocaine as he was booked into jail as a result of the fight.

The man is 34 years old and from the Park City area, the police said. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the man was arrested on preliminary charges of assault, disorderly conduct and intoxication. He was then charged preliminarily with a count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and a count of bringing a controlled substance into a correctional facility after the substance was found, Kirk said.

Formal charges had not been filed by midweek. The case was logged at a little after 1 a.m. on Nov. 17.

Kirk said the victim in the fight approached a police officer in front of the nightclub saying he had been hit in the face inside. The man did not want medical attention and provided a description of the suspect to the police. An officer broadcast the suspect information and another officer recalled seeing someone matching the description getting into a taxi, Kirk said.

He said a sergeant saw the taxi driving outbound on S.R. 224 and stopped the vehicle close to Meadows Drive. A person who looked like the suspect was in a passenger seat, Kirk said. The person was the suspect and was arrested.

The person was searched as he was booked into the Summit County Jail. Kirk said two baggies containing the substance believed to be crack cocaine were found on his person. The police said in an online statement the substance "appeared to be packaged for distribution."

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The police investigation is continuing.