Park City police patrol Old Town street, site of confrontation |

Park City police patrol Old Town street, site of confrontation

The Park City Police Department in early April apparently stepped up traffic patrols on a tiny Old Town street, a step taken after a confrontation between a driver and a pedestrian and City Hall discussion about the future of the street.

It did not appear from public Police Department logs that the patrols were extensive on Hillside Avenue, but the officer presence was notable nonetheless.

Hillside Avenue connects the upper reaches of Main Street with Marsac Avenue. The street is seen as an alternate entry and exit from the Main Street core, and it is frequently used by people who live in the southern reaches of Old Town, delivery drivers headed to and from Main Street as well as transportation companies that need to reach the shopping, dining and entertainment strip.

There are a few houses on the street. Residents are concerned with the increase in traffic over time on Hillside Avenue, saying the road is dangerous for pedestrians.

The Police Department on the morning of Wednesday, April 4, indicated officers would conduct extra patrols on Hillside Avenue. The extra patrols were conducted shortly after the pedestrian-driver confrontation and subsequent talks held by the Park City Council.

Police Department logs indicated an officer stopped a driver at 10:47 a.m. on April 4 at the intersection of Marsac Avenue and Hillside Avenue. The logs indicated the driver did not yield to uphill traffic on Hillside Avenue. Another traffic stop was reported two hours earlier at the same intersection. Department logs did not provide details.

The stepped-up patrols followed a confrontation spurred by, according to the pedestrian, a shuttle driver climbing Hillside Avenue barely missing three people at the bottom of steps to a residence.

The Police Department oftentimes temporarily concentrates patrols on a road or a stretch of road after receiving complaints. Police officers often are in the vicinity of Hillside Avenue anyway, though, since it is so close to Main Street.

Mayor Andy Beerman and the Park City Council have asked a task force to craft recommendations for traffic-calming options on Hillside Avenue and how those options would impact nearby streets. The elected officials could discuss Hillside Avenue again in May.


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