Park City police probe threat of violence by traveling person |

Park City police probe threat of violence by traveling person

The Park City Police Department in late May responded to an unusual report involving youngsters, a person who refers to himself as a traveler and a threat of violence.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the police were called to the skate park at City Park at 5:45 p.m. on May 27. Six youngsters, approximately 16, told the police a man who appeared to be homeless asked them for marijuana, Kirk said. The youngsters told him they did not have any.

The man made threatening remarks as he walked away, indicating he could break the youngsters’ legs, Kirk said.

A responding officer found the man, telling him to stay away from the skate park and the youngsters. Kirk said the man is 33.

The police said the authorities also encountered the man sleeping in a garage in a commercial district in the Snyderville Basin on the same day as the incident at the skate park. He told officers he planned to leave Park City by May 28. The police said he described himself as a traveler rather than a homeless person when he was found in the garage. The police, though, considered the man to be homeless.

A threat of violence at the skate park, particularly one involving the possibility of broken bones, is unusual. The Police Department, meanwhile, occasionally receives reports of homelessness or camping in the city limits.