Park City police remove transient belongings from outside Miners Hospital |

Park City police remove transient belongings from outside Miners Hospital

The Park City Police Department received a recent report of someone finding a person’s belongings outside Miners Hospital, a case that may indicate a transient or homeless person could be staying in the vicinity of the historic building in City Park.

The agency received the report at 10:16 a.m. on Dec. 11. A snow-removal crew apparently made the discovery. Police Department logs indicated someone found sleeping bags, suitcases and clothing. Skis were also found, the police said.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the items appear to be those of a transient. The person may have been spending nights sleeping under the stairs. Kirk said a tarp was also found.

The Police Department removed the items. They were taken to the department’s evidence room for safekeeping.

Homelessness is rare in Park City. Kirk said the Police Department periodically receives reports of homeless people in places like the area surrounding City Park, including a trail that runs along Poison Creek on the perimeter of the park. There are also occasional reports in the hills.

The Police Department on Dec. 16, meanwhile, received a report of a person or people sleeping in a hallway or a stairwell at a Prospector Avenue building. They had been there for an hour, the police were told. The Police Department logged the case as suspected trespassing. It was not clear from the logs whether they were believed to be homeless.

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