Park City police say medical marijuana found on trail |

Park City police say medical marijuana found on trail

A Salt Lake City man and his young son in mid-September found a container with a substance believed to be marijuana inside on a Park City trail, the Park City Police Department said.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the man and his son were on a trail between City Park and the Rail Trail when the substance was found midafternoon on Sept. 15. Kirk said the police were told the son saw a flip-top container along the trail.

The container indicated marijuana was inside and was labeled with “THC” as well, Kirk said. THC is an active ingredient of marijuana. The container also warned to keep the contents out of the reach of children.

The man called the police. Kirk said officers found two baggies of a substance believed to be marijuana inside. There were also rolling papers, he said.

The Police Department took possession of the substance and rolling papers and booked the goods into the department’s evidence room. Kirk said the substance appeared to be marijuana prescribed for medical purposes rather than marijuana for recreational use.

The police did not identify an owner.

Medical marijuana and marijuana for recreation use are prohibited in Utah. Voters in the state will decide a ballot measure that could legalize the use of medical marijuana.


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