Park City police told of a German shepherd mistaken for a bear |

Park City police told of a German shepherd mistaken for a bear

The Park City Police Department in mid-April received a report of someone possibly seeing a bear in Park Meadows.

But officers who investigated determined the animal was four legged and furry but definitely not a bear.

The Police Department logged the report at a little bit before 6 p.m. on April 15 on Crestline Drive, a street that stretches between Meadows Drive and American Saddler Drive. Public police logs indicated the person who contacted the department said there might have been a bear behind a house. The animal was between American Saddler Drive and Crestline Drive, the police were told.

Someone took photos of the animal. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said an officer reviewed the images and found the animal was a “large, furry German shepherd” rather than a bear. Kirk said a youngster mistook the German shepherd for a bear.

Black bears inhabit the region, but sightings of bears are extraordinarily rare inside the Park City limits. There were several sightings last spring and early in the summer in the area of Deer Valley.

The Police Department, meanwhile, also received a report of a mountain lion sighting during the same week. The police were told the mountain lion was seen in bushes in a backyard on the 3400 block of Sun Ridge Drive, in Solamere. A police officer who responded did not see the mountain lion. The police forwarded the information to state wildlife officers.

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